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    I Give Dr. Jay Gordon a Better Metaphor

    by  • 9/19/2009 • health • 5 Comments

    I mentioned this last night at the Skeptics In The Pub session, but couldn’t recall the specifics of the exchange. If you’re new, I’m @xinit0 on twitter. I’ve edited the twitter postings below slightly to make them read in English where appropriate, and linked to the original posts on Twitter. Me: Oh dear. Leslie Winkle […]

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    Manual Recap

    by  • 5/17/2009 • geek • 0 Comments

    There are things that I say that I want to remember later, and Twitter is good for that. The trouble is that for me to get those couple gems, there’s mountains of slag left over. So, I don’t cross post my twitter posts to the bankrupt artist automatically – too many and too much out […]

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    Twtr sks Flttr nnblgng ftw

    by  • 4/5/2009 • humor • 0 Comments

    What really terrifies me is that this little mocumentary plays like half of the corporate video pitches I saw pre-dotcom-bust… Slate Magazine produced a mocumentrary about Flutter a new nanoblogging system that shortens everything to 26 characters, the length of the English alphabet. — as found at Laughing Squid

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    Ethical Bribes? Social Media for Fund Raising

    by  • 3/10/2009 • life • 0 Comments

    I’m a fan of the donorschoose.org method of directed, project based funding for schools and classrooms. While it began out of desperation and as a result of underfunding in the school system, it’s become a great way to help fight for more real science in classrooms. Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week […]

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    Making New Friends, Destroying Memories

    by  • 3/8/2009 • humor • 0 Comments

    Early morning twitter conversation in which I destroy childhood icons for someone I’ve only just met. mercerch: So it’s 1am Saturday….. what to do. xinit0: kill an hour, and move all the clocks in your house ahead… mercerch: Thought the clocks did not change until 4am or something. xinit0: Like anyone will know… go on… […]

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