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    Balcony panorama attempt 1

    by  • 8/3/2009 • Toronto • 4 Comments

    Click on the thumbnail if you want to see out ghost balcony a bit more clearly… This is just a first quick panorama generated with Calico 1.5 (3 dotted number upgrades since I used it last, and 4 since I registered it) and about a dozen shots. I’m going to play a bit with some […]

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    New Address in Toronto

    by  • 7/3/2009 • Toronto • 1 Comment

    It’s small, but it’s right downtown with an easy to remember address. It’s super cheap too, at $21 per month, though it’s going to be a bitch moving in, as it’s less than one cubic foot in size. We have a box setup at a downtown UPS Store / Mailboxes Etc. shop so that we […]

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    Toronto hotel booked

    by  • 6/23/2009 • Toronto • 0 Comments

    I was looking at lastminutetravel.com and priceline.com and all the other cut-rate sites to find the cheapest place possible so that we could have a room for the weekend while we drive around looking for an apartment. Hopefully we’ll find a place with immediate availability so that we can sleep THERE on the night of […]

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    Toronto opens its doors

    by  • 5/17/2009 • Toronto • 0 Comments

    Coincidentally, this next weekend where I’m supposed to be heading to the GTA, Toronto is also hosting an event called “Doors Open Toronto.” Basically, this is where there’s a co-ordinated Open House of sorts in the city, inviting people to drop by, in many cases for hosted tours of places that aren’t normally accessible to […]

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