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    The Producers, Titanic II (347/203)

    by  • 7/22/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    THE PRODUCERS (2005) (Netflix) – Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are my least favourite parts of this film. As the leads, they’re nearly always on screen bothering me with their silly interpretations of their characters. Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell are better, and Ferrell even has some really good moments. Playing SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER director […]

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    Lemmy (345/202)

    by  • 7/21/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    LEMMY (Netflix) – I love that they have Ozzy talking about Lemmy… I wonder what a conversation between the two of them would sound like. Interesting story about a surprisingly accessible rock legend.

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    Ushpizin (298/168)

    by  • 6/17/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    USHPIZIN (Netflix) – You can do anything you want, but lay off the man’s lemon. Messing with a man’s citron will cause him to lose his MIND! An Orthodox Jewish couple prepares for the festival of Succoth as best they can with no money. They have nothing to buy fancy ritual ingredients, food, or materials […]

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    The Rocker (287/161)

    by  • 6/10/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    THE ROCKER (Netflix) – The one thing that I think this film really nailed? Dave Marsh the slimy A&R guy. I didn’t really expect much from this one, but it was okay with a couple exceptions. There were a couple really good laughs, and only really a handful of plot points that I could have […]

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    Knight and Day (286/160)

    by  • 6/9/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    KNIGHT AND DAY (Netflix) – I didn’t intend to watch this after I saw the trailer for it… part of my moratorium on movies starring people who honestly seem to be insane. Tom Cruise, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carey, Charlie Sheen… you know… insane. I saw it come up on Netflix, and decided I’d give it […]

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    Catch-22 (281/155)

    by  • 6/4/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    CATCH-22 (Netflix) – This film looks amazing, but don’t expect to follow it as a linear story. Reviews list this as a satire, as something of a send up of war and war films. I don’t think that’s it at all. I think this is a perfectly straight-faced film dealing with a military base run […]

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    The Spy Who Came In From The Cold (279/153)

    by  • 6/2/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD (Netflix) – I think I need to watch this one again; I think I missed something in the middle act with the shifting allegiances of the spies here. This isn’t James Bond style spying, but boring, everyday spying with paper work and drudgery.

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    Daydream Nation, Dummy (278/152)

    by  • 6/1/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    DAYDREAM NATION (iTunes) – Main characters include a sad, lonely English teacher, who becomes more pathetic as time goes by; a beautiful and bored new girl at school; and a small group of stoners. Everyone in this film thinks that they’re a special unique flower, and they all seem like they’re waiting for someone else […]

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    The Seventh Sign, Prince of Darkness, The Prophecy, The Sentinel, Drag Me To Hell, Left Behind: The Movie (255/141)

    by  • 5/21/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    Rapture-rama Movie Extravaganza for Harold Camping’s End of the World Prediction. Let’s see how far I get before the world ends… THE SEVENTH SIGN (Netflix) – Demi Moore has to be the worst landlady ever. The audience might know that this guy’s popping open the seals and summoning famine and war and death, but you […]

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