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    The Beaver (303/172)

    by  • 6/21/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    THE BEAVER (Carlton) – I didn’t really want to see this at first, as it meant giving money indirectly into the Mel Gibson Crazy Machine. He’s in the same box with Jim Carrey and Tom Cruise for me; watch with caution. Ticket guy at the theatre reassured me; “don’t think of it as supporting Mel […]

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    Green Lantern, Meek’s Cutoff (300/169)

    by  • 6/18/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    GREEN LANTERN (Carlton) – I really need to go into comic book films with really poor expectations. Thanks to Rotten Tomatoes and their 23%, I think I enjoyed this more than I would have otherwise. I really only have the vaguest of memories of the Green Lantern from the comics; basically a guy who always […]

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    Bang Bang Club (297/167)

    by  • 6/16/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    THE BANG BANG CLUB (Carlton) – Decent film, though I think it lacked a bit of focus; it would have been a bit nicer, I think, if it had kept to the experiences of the photographers in the field. The attempt to bring in the girlfriends and work colleagues was half-hearted, and the characters were […]

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    The Collapsed, The Hangover (268/147)

    by  • 5/27/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    THE COLLAPSED (Carlton) – This is a low budget post-apocalyptic thriller. Not TROMA FILMS low-budget, but a pretty good looking film for the price. With $35000, you can now produce a pretty believable feature film. It helps if the director is willing to do craft services as well as everything else. The acting is fine, […]

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    Kill Bill Vol. 2, Bridesmaids, Win Win (241/135)

    by  • 5/15/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    KILL BILL VOL 2 (DVD) – While the Pei Mei story is interesting, with the martial arts master archetype, it’s really only there to explain how how The Bride could punch through a coffin, it’s really not needed as part of this story. It’s a bit like the pregnancy test / assassination attempt story; long, […]

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    Flock, Insidious, Limitless (151/93)

    by  • 4/3/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    THE FLOCK (iTunes) – Richard Gere as someone with a bit of post traumatic stress disorder working the sex offender beat. He seems to be something of a stopped clock, and this film is about one of those rare times that he has the right time. Good character based drama, with a bit too much […]

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    Blue Valentine (71/45)

    by  • 2/14/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    BLUE VALENTINE (Carlton) – Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, and this movie hase “Valentine” right in the name! Perfect! I’d heard all the stories about how depressing and horrible this film is, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that people need to see more movies if they think that this […]

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    The Way Back (70/44)

    by  • 2/13/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    THE WAY BACK (Carlton) – This is a movie about a long walk. Take LORD OF THE RINGS, minus the Eye of Sauron, minus the homeroticism and the dwarves, and this is pretty close. Actually, I prefer this group of characters to the Fellowship of the Ring. Besides, I cast Colin Farrell as Gollum, with […]

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    Somewhere (69/43)

    by  • 2/12/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    SOMEWHERE (Carlton) – A fascinating study in boredom, without becoming a boring movie. Johnny Marco seems to have everything, but he’s unable to take pleasure in anything. He doesn’t seem to have any tangible interests or hobbies, and those things that he does do seem to be part of a role he’s playing. The closest […]

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