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    I Am A Good Person / I Am A Bad Person (56/26)

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    I AM A GOOD PERSON / I AM A BAD PERSON – For some reason, I thought this was going to be less narrative. I suppose that it was the sign Ingrid was wearing in production stills that accompanied the synopsis in the TIFF program book that made me imagine this as more abstract performance […]

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    Art & Copy, Pineapple Express, Stalker, Moneyball (45/21)

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    ART & COPY – This almost makes me think that advertising has a higher purpose. I almost leave this documentary wishing there was more advertising that tell such true and honest stories about the products that they’re selling… Oh, wait, feeling’s gone. It’s an interesting look at how advertising happens – from the back room, […]

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    Café de Flore (26/13)

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    CAFÉ DE FLORE – There’s a lot that happens here in parallel narratives. Vallée’s use of music helps define the story, and may even help provide clues to the narrative if you have specific advance knowledge of a bit of trivia that you’ll likely only get from the credits. I wouldn’t have noticed had the […]

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    A Dangerous Method (25/12)

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    A DANGEROUS METHOD – Keira Knightly wins with her portrayal of Spielrein’s peculiar condition from the start. Freud and Jung (Mortensen and Fassbender), it’s all about sex. Maybe not what I’d have expected from Cronenberg; though I suppose that while it’s not a psychological film per se, it’s a film about psychology…

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    Marecages, Lethal Weapon 4 (24/11)

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    MARCAGES – A struggling family-owned dairy farm is having problems, and why not blame it all on the son? He always seemed to be around when bad things happened… Part coming-of-age film, part dysfunctional family, part seething hatred. The director wasn’t able to be in attendance, but he seemed certain, based on a statement that […]

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