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    Mission Impossible II, Mission Impossible III (52/24)

    by  • 1/24/2012 • film • 0 Comments

    MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II – A secret, deadly, virus has been developed in order to sell a secret cure that wouldn’t have been commercially viable without a matching disease. Terrorists have stolen the cure, but now they need to get their hands on the disease. In the second film of the franchise, I start to wonder […]

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    Black Christmas (1974), Black Christmas (2006), Die Hard 2, A Christmas Story, Jackboots on Whitehall (631/361)

    by  • 12/27/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) – Oo… a bit of horror film history here – not only is this Canadian Content with Margot Kidder and Andrea Martin of all people, it’s also by director Bob Clark of the film with wider appeal, A CHRISTMAS STORY. Additionally, and possibly more importantly for horror and cult movie fans, this […]

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    The Pursuit of Happyness (608/354)

    by  • 12/20/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS – I thought maybe Will Smith had given up on acting, but this worked out pretty well. Sure, it’s a conservative fairy tale biography about a man who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps without any help from anyone! Except all the people who helped him, the shelters that housed […]

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    Godfather, Saw III, Saw IV (467/268)

    by  • 9/25/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    GODFATHER – Fantastic movie – all three hours of it are important to the story of Don Corleone’s (Brando) fall and the rise of his replacement, son Michael (Pacino). I read the book one summer in high school, and never found the time to sit through the full film. It’s one solid piece of film… […]

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    Cashback, Captain America, FUBAR II (350/204)

    by  • 7/23/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    CASHBACK (Netflix) – “This tells me so much more than you could ever say…” What? That he’s a creepy stalker wannabe? Not just figuratively undressing women with his mind, but literally undressing them when he stops time. No, not creepy at all. Other than the weird stalker vibe, it’s mostly a bit of a cute […]

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    The Lives of Others (110/69)

    by  • 3/10/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    THE LIVES OF OTHERS (Netflix) – I’ve been meaning to see this film for a while, and now that I’ve seen it, I know why it beat out PAN’S LABYRINTH for the foreign language Oscar. This is a film about the East German State Security and about how the lines aren’t always clear, even for […]

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    Monkey Warfare (96/60)

    by  • 3/1/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    MONKEY WARFARE (DVD) – Radicals don’t always age very well, and despite their best efforts become part of society and consumerism. Oh sure, they try to explain it as exploiting yuppies, but they’re just like everyone else with 9 to 5 jobs… Well, maybe a bit higher… Then along comes SPOKE with their pro-cycle anti-SUV […]

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