• This is a bit creepy

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    Accenture sends me an email and tells me that they’ve imported some old online resume into their system. I find this more than a little bit creepy. I checked the URL on the link, and it’s a legitimate Accenture link, and goes to their Taleo resume system. Of course, the data that they’ve added lists […]

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    Black and white films

    by  • 9/15/2013 • 1 Comment

    There’s a long list of films that were made before I was born that I’d like to get around to watching. Today started with two Billy Wilder films starring Jack Lemmon; ‘The Apartment’ and ‘Some Like It Hot.’ They’re both technically comedies, but I found The Apartment to be rather sad, despite Lemmon’s manic nature. […]

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    This jacket used to fit

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    I haven’t tried on my suit jackets in about four months. They had gone from a close fit to comfortable in two months, but I put them side because the trousers were getting too baggy again. This morning I tried on one of the jackets, just to see. There’s easily five inches of extra fabric […]

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    Who ya gonna call?

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    This card, approximately the size of a business card, was taped rather high up on a pole in downtown Toronto. $100 per hour for advice from someone free from professional designations or fancy accreditations. BARGAIN!

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    Montreal’s Kinetik Festival Moves to Toronto

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    Kinetik is moving to Toronto for 2014 so that we don’t have to travel to Montreal… One of the best bits of the “About Toronto” page is that they link to the most important Toronto resources… poutine shops. They talk a bit about a separate vendors area… I wonder what the goth market for chainmail […]

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