• These Amazing Shadow, The Lost Boys 3 – The Thirst (595/348)

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    THESE AMAZING SHADOWS – This documentary presents the US’ National Film Registry as the answer to protecting films from being altered after the fact by people like Ted Turner and his cartoonish colourization of films. Founded to recognize films that are “Culturally, Historically, Aesthetically Significant.” It’s a mixed bag what they include – it’s not […]

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    The Lost Boys 2 – The Tribe (592/346)

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    THE LOST BOYS 2 – THE TRIBE – It seems that they opted to spend their budget on blood effects and sound track rather than waste it on anything passing for a script. There’s a frat boy element to these vampires that’s funny – they think that they’re on MTV’s Jackass… eviscerating each other and […]

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    Fright Night (2011) (584/340)

    by  • 12/6/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    FRIGHT NIGHT – Outside of the effects that were thrown in specifically to exploit the 3D surcharges in the theatres, I liked this one more on at least a couple accounts. Casting was just better; most notably David Tennant’s Peter Vincent over Roddy McDowall’s and Imogen Poots as Amy compared to Amanda Bearse. Tennant’s portrayed […]

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    The Frighteners

    by  • 11/3/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    THE FRIGHTENERS – This is a completely different type of psychic con-man; here, Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox) really has the ability to interact with the dead, and still he teams up with ghosts to defraud people. It’s a funny concept, and well enough carried out. It hasn’t aged much better than any other Michael […]

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    Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

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    HUMAN CENTIPEDE II (FULL SEQUENCE) This sweaty little troll wants to replicate, and improve, on the work shown in the original film. He obsessively watches the original film, making notes, building a scrapbook, and collecting subjects from his workplace. Does anyone successfully park and retrieve their cars at this London car park without dying? The […]

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    Daybreakers, The Big Lebowski

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    DAYBREAKERS – Interesting approach to vampires, and it explores how unsustainable a world full of vampires would be. They’re running out of blood, and the vampires are starting to change into base, unthinking creatures. Vampirism in this world was caused by some sort of plague that came from a bat, and in ten years, they’ve […]

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    Halloween II (512/301)

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    HALLOWEEN II (2009) – The thing that I liked most about the first film in the Rob Zombie re-creation of the franchise? It avoided any obvious reliance on supernatural elements beyond standard movie physics. From the start of the film, short of a supernatural rebirth, we were down one psychokiller. Michael re-animates thanks to a […]

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    Chinese movie update (509/298)

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    During our trip to China (October 12-24) I didn’t really track the when and where of each of these films; many were on the flights, some were during hotel downtime. Most of these 22 films were during the over 40 hours of airport and flight time we had during our travels. Thankfully, Cathay Pacific had […]

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    Saw V, Saw VI (479/278)

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    SAW V – The press conference by the police, and all the other scenes in the station just scream “MADE FOR TV MOVIE!” It’s like they used up the production budget on all the elaborate traps, set dressing, and props and had to hire the neighbour kid to shoot all these bits on an old […]

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