• Videodrome, Anonymous (69/33)

    by  • 2/2/2012 • film • 0 Comments

    VIDEODROME – Come up to Toronto and James Woods will show you some torture porn and then pierce your ears. Watch out for his Six Pack Dentata. Emissions from the Cathode Ray Tube setup in a mission to help cure the homeless… and perhaps carry something more sinister. I’m more than a little surprised to […]

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    Defiance (121/76)

    by  • 3/17/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    DEFIANCE (Netflix) – Brothers, Russian Jews, take to the forest when the Nazis come to Belarus and start to gather up their people. They seem to keep attracting others to their group, and establish something of a small city in the forest, doing whatever they need to in order to survive. Daniel Craig and Liev […]

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    1900 (31/17)

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    1900 (TIFF Lightbox) – I really need to double check the run times before I go to movies at the Lightbox. I knew I was in for some trouble when they announced that there would be a short intermission in the middle of the film. You don’t put an intermission in a film that’s less […]

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