• Phoebe In Wonderland, Hobo with a Shotgun (417/243)

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    PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND (Netflix) – I actually read the Alice books a couple years ago, and they’re really quit disturbing. Alice was a very sad, lonely girl. A strong character, but seriously flawed. Here we have a film about the kind of Alice I read about in the story as an adult; not the one […]

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    Hank and Mike (75/48)

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    HANK AND MIKE (Netflix) – The adventure of bunnies at war with the everyday world. With apologies to FALLING DOWN. Sometimes you’re born for the job you have in life. This is especially the case if you were born wearing a pink and white fuzzy bunny suit. Hank and Mike never take off the suits, […]

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    The Tempest (21/11)

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    THE TEMPEST (TIFF Lightbox) – I’m only barely familiar with the works of Shakespeare, and I think this is the first performance of THE TEMPEST in any format. So, obviously, I can’t speak to the differences between this version and others. As a film, it was fine, and I was especially impressed with Russell Brand […]

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    Persona, Casablanca (15/7)

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    CASABLANCA (TIFF Lightbox) – I half expected that I’d walk away from this film thinking it was overrated by everyone who’d seen it in the past ~60 years. Seeing it all in one sitting, it wasn’t as out-dated as I’d expected; it has aged well, even if the print had obvious missing frames at a […]

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