• Dumb and Dumber (41/20)

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    DUMB AND DUMBER – I still prefer the soundtrack to the film, but it’s one of the rare Jim Carrey films that isn’t wretch-inducing. It’s silly and over the top, but this story of morons on a cross country trip is a classic as far as I’m concerned

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    Starbuck, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (22/10)

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    STARBUCK – This is really quite a fun film. Funny, charming, and very well acted. I don’t quite understand why public would be so disgusted by the anonymous Starbuck – it isn’t as if HE was behind all the babies. Shouldn’t the blame be placed on the fertility clinic in this case? Maybe it’s a […]

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    Monsieur Lazhar (9/5)

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    MONSIEUR LAZHAR – It’s a story of loss; everyone in the film has lost something important in one way or another. Mr. Lazhar (Fellag) sees an opportunity to reconnect with what he’s lost, even if he needs to break the rule to get there. The end justifies the means for both him and his students.

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    Carnage (7/3)

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    CARNAGE – Penelope (Foster) and Nancy (Winslet) go through some pretty impressive range in this film, from restrained politeness to raging. I don’t see nearly as much change in Michael (Reilly) and Alan (Waltz), though. Maybe they don’t feel the need to bottle their emotions and reactions in daily life as much as their wives […]

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    Hopscotch, Julia’s Eyes, Cedar Rapids (6/2)

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    HOPSCOTCH – Miles Kendig (Matthau) decides that he’s had enough of the political bullshit from his clueless CIA minders. Rather than passively accept an assignment to a desk in the basement file room, Kendig has a more interesting idea – he’s going to write a book, and threaten to publish it. Naming names, he sends […]

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    Tiny Furniture, Death Race 2000 (633/362)

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    TINY FURNITURE – As much as I want to say these nihilists are a new generation hipster thing, I think it’s been a pretty common art school thing for eons. Aura is having such a horrible time with all her first world problems. She’s finished university and has no idea what she is going to […]

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