• A Dangerous Method (25/12)

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    A DANGEROUS METHOD – Keira Knightly wins with her portrayal of Spielrein’s peculiar condition from the start. Freud and Jung (Mortensen and Fassbender), it’s all about sex. Maybe not what I’d have expected from Cronenberg; though I suppose that while it’s not a psychological film per se, it’s a film about psychology…

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    Chinese movie update (509/298)

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    During our trip to China (October 12-24) I didn’t really track the when and where of each of these films; many were on the flights, some were during hotel downtime. Most of these 22 films were during the over 40 hours of airport and flight time we had during our travels. Thankfully, Cathay Pacific had […]

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    Bronson (430/250)

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    BRONSON (Netflix) – Party ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW floor show, and part CLOCKWORK ORANGE ultra-violence. Even at the end, I feel that the central character is not bad. This doesn’t make any sense at all; he’s horrible, but obviously just misunderstood, but a sociopath, but he means well. I like the slightly crazed self-narration / […]

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    Raging Bull, Duck Soup (424/246)

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    RAGING BULL (Netflix) – This film looks fantastic. The film fast forwards through the successes and increasingly frequent failures in boxer Jake La Motta’s (De Niro) life. Both he and his brother Joey (Pesci) are rash and violent men, and Jake seems to be trying to destroy both their lives. DUCK SOUP (Netflix) – First […]

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    The Devil’s Double (413/241)

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    THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE (Carlton) – Dominic Cooper’s portrayal of Uday Saddam Hussein reminds me a bit of Al Pacino in SCARFACE through a somewhat dim memory of that film. Maybe it’s just the portrayal of crazy people with seemingly unlimited power. If even a tenth of this film approaches the reality of what happened in […]

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    Lawrence of Arabia (376/220)

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    LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (Lightbox) – T. E. Lawrence (O’Toole) stumbles into quite the adventure; he is sent to Arabia to advise and monitor the situation with the Bedouin tribes for the British Army. Lawrence unites the warring tribes to drive out the Turkish army. An amazing story that’s nearly beyond belief… except that there was […]

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    Anvil (366/215)

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    ANVIL (iTunes) – I think that this should play back-to-back with FUBAR – two Canadian films that could both be documentaries about people I went to school with in Alberta. FUBAR, ANVIL, FUBAR II – I think that could make an interesting afternoon of films. Put on your best Judas Priest t-shirt, get a two-four […]

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    The Rocker (287/161)

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    THE ROCKER (Netflix) – The one thing that I think this film really nailed? Dave Marsh the slimy A&R guy. I didn’t really expect much from this one, but it was okay with a couple exceptions. There were a couple really good laughs, and only really a handful of plot points that I could have […]

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