• Metropia (429/249)

    by  • 9/6/2011 • movies • 0 Comments

    METROPIA (Netflix) – A man starts hearing voices, and after an initial thought that he’s insane… he starts listening, and eventually he meets the voice. He’s a low-level cog in the machine, and apparently the machine has plans for him. Dystopian in theme, and in style. The animation is more than a little disturbing, but […]

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    Tangled (395/231)

    by  • 8/19/2011 • film, movies • 0 Comments

    TANGLED (Netflix) – As a movie, I wasn’t all that impressed, but I’m not a huge Disney animation fan. It’s better than any of the last dozen or two they’ve released though. Is this actually the first film they’ve released where the main character’s mother isn’t dead? I am a huge fan of the animators […]

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    This Is Not My Life, Persepolis (130/81)

    by  • 3/22/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    THIS IS NOT MY LIFE – Okay, again, not technically a movie, but it’s worth mentioning. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a New Zealand TV show, and until someone proves me wrong, I choose to believe that they’re all this good. Now, you might not be able to find it online in any […]

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    Mary & Max, Brick (117/72)

    by  • 3/13/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    MARY & MAX (iTunes) – Devastating film. It’s beautiful technically and emotionally. The innocence in both characters is nearly complete, even as they age, and Mary grows up. She is nearly as bad at reading people as Max, and things really break down when Mary graduates. There are continuity issues and flat-out errors, but I […]

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    True Grit, L’Illusioniste, Wild Seven (108/67)

    by  • 3/8/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    TRUE GRIT (Netflix) – This time it’s the 1969 version with John Wayne and Kim Darby as the leads. I didn’t really like the ending in the recent remake, and I really didn’t like the ending on this one. The film itself is fine, even if I don’t buy Darby’s portrayal of a mourning daughter […]

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    Black Narcissus, Fantastic Mr. Fox (74/47)

    by  • 2/16/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    BLACK NARCISSUS (Netflix) – For the first day since January 1, 2011, I wasn’t able to go to a real theatre. The plan was to go see BLACK NARCISSUS at TIFF Lightbox, but I was a bit too ill to go in to the office today, and wasn’t doing much better by evening. I found […]

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