• Prénom: Carmen (304/173)

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    PRÉNOM: CARMEN (iTunes) – About 10 minutes in, I was begging for it to be over; this is part of what makes it a real Jean-Luc Godard production in my books. I made it through my body attempting to reject the film, and it got better. Godard plays with audio, sometimes with birds or music […]

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    Alphaville (76/49)

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    ALPHAVILLE (DVD) – “Je ne veux pas devenir, ce que vous appelez normal” – I think that Lemmy Caution line sums up the film, and the entire life’s work of Godard. I’m not sure if he even wanted to be normal by the Nouvelle Vague metric. A very odd little film, and I wasn’t sure […]

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    Film Socialisme (22/12)

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    FILM SOCIALISME (TIFF Lightbox) – If I figure out what Jean-Luc Godard was saying, I’ll let you know. The spoken language and the sub-titles bore only passing relation to each other; often the titles showed two words when sentences spoken. The text of the official synopsis is below, and well… I’ll take their word for […]

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