• The Lives of Others (110/69)

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    THE LIVES OF OTHERS (Netflix) – I’ve been meaning to see this film for a while, and now that I’ve seen it, I know why it beat out PAN’S LABYRINTH for the foreign language Oscar. This is a film about the East German State Security and about how the lines aren’t always clear, even for […]

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    The Tourist (12/5)

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    Okay, a bit of playing with next week’s TIFF Lightbox schedule, and I have A Plan. Actually, I have both A Plan and a TIFF Lightbox membership. What I was calling tagging as CarltonMovieMonth on Twitter is going to become just MovieMonth. I’d call it MovieMonthMostlyAtCarltonButAtLightboxOrSomethingPendingShittyMoviesScheduledAtCarlton but that would really cut in to the length […]

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