• Who’s Your Daddy?

    From Facts4U, it’s Who’s Your Daddy? a re-telling of Big Daddy


    Who’s Your Daddy?

    This is a parody of Jack Chick’s “Big Daddy” tract. This is “fair use” protected by the Copyright Act (Sect. 107).

    Teacher: “Good morning, class! Today we’re going to be talking about EVOLUTION! Do you all know what evolution is?”

    Everyone: “WE DO, SIR!”

    Teacher: “Such smart students! Anyone want to start a discussion on this?”

    Christian: “I do, sir!”

    T: “Ah, yes! My Christian student! Okay, what about evolution would you like to discuss?”

    C: “It’s a satanic lie!”

    Everyone “Crazy Christian!”

    T: “I’ll hear you out. Why do you feel evolution is wrong?”

    C: “Because the HOLY BIBLE says it is. That’s why!”

    T: “It does? Hmm… I don’t recall any such verse, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for now.

    C: “May I use your chalkboard, sir?”

    T: “Sure! Here’s some chalk!”

    C (writes)
    1. Cosmic Evolution – Big Bang makes hydrogen
    2. Chemical Evolution – higher elements evolve
    3. Evolution of stars and planets from gas
    4. Organic Evolution – life from rocks
    5. Macro-evolution – changes between kinds of plants and animals
    6. Micro-evolution – changes within kinds

    T: “What the heck is THAT crap?”

    C: “Aren’t they the six basic concepts of evolution? The first five being based on faith?”

    T: “Goodness NO! … Say, you’ve been reading stuff by ‘Dr.’ Kent Hovind, haven’t you? HAW HAW HAW!”

    C: “Um … yeah?”

    T: “Listen, sonny: Kent Hovind is a so-called ‘Christian Scientist’ that god his PhD (in ‘Christian Education’) from a diploma mill. Have you seen his thesis? Here, read it! It’s barely high-school level! (http://www.kent-hovind.com) The man lies about radiocarbon dating. He believes in fire-breathing dragons! He’s a kook. To use him as a source is foolish at best.”

    T: “The first four ‘concepts’ on your list have NOTHING to do with evolution. The final two (micro-evolution and macro-evolution), however are indeed concepts of evolution. And they both CAN be proven through simple observation, such as fruit flies or bacteria, respectively. In fact, they are basically the same process. Neither of these are based on ‘faith’ of any kind. (http://www.talkorigins.org)”

    C: “GULP!”

    T: “Want to discuss prehistoric man?”

    C: “Okay, do most experts agree now that Richard Leakey’s ‘Lucy’ was actually an unusual chimpanzee and NOT a missing link? (More Hovind bullshit)

    T: “NO!”

    C: “… oh.”

    T: “There is NOT ONE reputable scientist that claims that! For example: Lucy’s pelvis is bipedal like a HUMAN, not a chimp!”

    C: “Can I show you this chart, sir? It’s shows proof that evolution is a fraudulent tool of the devil!”

    T: *SIGN* Poor misled kid… “Sure, go ahead.”

    C: “Thanks!”

    (The Signs)
    Nearly all experts agree Lucy was just a three foot tall chimpanzee

    Built from a jaw bone that was conceded by many to be quite human.

    Scientifically built up from one tooth, later found to be the tooth of an extinct pig.

    The jawbone turned out to belong to a modern ape.

    Supposedly 500,000 years old, but all evidence has disappeared.

    At the Int’l Congress of Zoology (1958), Dj. A.J.E. Cave said his examination showed that this famous skeleton found in France over 50 years ago is that of an old man who suffered from arthritis.

    Dates way back to 1970. This species has been found in the region just north of Australia.

    One of the earliest and best established fossils is at least equal in physique and brain capacity to modern man… so what’s the difference?

    This genius thinks we came from a monkey. “Professing themselves to be wise they become fools” Romans 5:22

    T: “Sheesh! This chart has so many half-truths that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t made by someone that was trying to make Christians look BAD! Listen carefully while I tell you the FACTS.”

    T: “See how distorted YOUR chart was? There were entries that should NOT have been there. They left out facts on the legit entries! They left out more compelling fossil evidence! (http://www.talkorigins.org/faws/homs/) And if apes and human are so obviously different, why can’t these Creation scientists agree on whether fossil skulls are human or ape? To them, it’s either one or the other, yet they can’t agree!”

    T: “The old, outdated hoaxes or mistakes were proven to be hoaxes and mistakes NOT by Creationists but by … SCIENTISTS! That is what’s great about REAL science: When we make mistakes, we CORRECT them. We do NOT try to fit things to a prejudiced notion. That is what ‘Christian Scientists’ and ‘Creationist’ do. ‘Christian Science’ is an oxymoron, my friend!”

    C: He’s crushing me with logic! That’s of the devil! I gotta think FAST! “Uh, isn’t it true that you determine dates of fossils and rock layers to EACH OTHER? Isn’t that circular reasoning?”

    T: “ENOUGH with the Straw Men! Name ONE reputable scientist that does that! There are far better ways to date rock layers, as well as fossils, where one has nothing to do with the other. Such as radiometric dating.”

    C: “How can rock layers be different ages? Petrified trees can be found going through many layers! Some are even upside down running through ‘millions of years’ worth of rock.”

    T: “Ha ha ha! They solved that mystery a hundred years ago! Scientists never claim that just because there’s many layers of rock, that ALWAYS means the layers are ‘millions of years’ old! These so-called ‘Polystrate’ tree fossils are a result of faster-than-normal depositing of sediments due to ocean cycling, peat swamp, etc (http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/polystrate/trees.html)

    C: “Didn’t Earnst Haeckel make up drawings of gill slits on embryos to prove man evolved from fishes? Isn’t it true they AREN’T gills?”

    T: *SIGH* Same old outdated arguments “125 years ago, that theory lasted FIVE whole years and was proven wrong by scientists. It hasn’t been in a textbook since. However, the same structures in the basic embryo become gills in fish and other structures in humans. Embryo homology.”

    C: “Some satanic evolutionists say that the human tail bone is vestigial, which proves we evolved from animals with tails. Vestigial means ‘a body part we no longer use.’ There are nine muscles that attach to the tail bone!”

    T: This kid is INSANE! “That doesn’t make it non-vestigial! You’ve mangled the definition! Vestigial means ‘rudimentary’! And the tailbone DOES apply, muscle attachments or not!”

    T: “You picked a poor example, anyway! Probably deliberately! What about the appendix, the plantaris muscle in toes, the enlarged canines in our jaws, and so on?

    C: “Well … um …”

    T: “Ignoring evidence is never smart. That kind of thinking is how Creationists claim Leakery found a 212 million year old human skull … he didn’t.”

    C: “Lemme try this: Some evolutionists claim whales have a vestigial pelvis, but they need to use them to reproduce! Even if there were ‘vestigial’ organs, isn’t losing something the opposite of evolution?”

    T: “NO. Any change in a species is evolution – there’s no such thing as ‘directional’ evolution; you can’t get ‘higher’ or ‘lower’, merely better adapted for your current environment. When you’re exclusively aquatic, you don’t need legs for too much, and so evolutionarily speaking it makes sense to lose them. Oh, and by the way: Whale fossils WITH LEGS have been found. (http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/whales/classification/Whalefossils.shtml)

    C: “I can PROVE Christ scientifically! Through ATOMS! We know that electrons swirl around the nucleus of an atom … and that the nucleus of the atom consists of particles called neutrons and protons. Neutrons have no electrical charge and are therefore neutral – BUT – Protons have positive charges. One law of electricity is: LIKE CHARGES REPEL EACH OTHER! Since all the protons in the nucleus are positively charged, they should repel each other and scatter into space. Therefore, JESUS binds atoms!”

    T: “BWAH-HAHAHA! That is HYSTERICAL! You don’t know the answer, so you say ‘Goddidit! Goddidit!’ Typical Creationist cop-out.”

    Everybody: “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA”

    T: “The protons don’t fly apart because ELECTRONS are negative and protons are positive. Gluons also help bind atoms, and they have been proven to exist (For more info read Michael Marten’s ‘The New Astronomy’ or Dr. Christine Sutton’s ‘The Particle Explosion’). Regardless, science does NOT pretend to have all the answers. We do not say ‘Goddidit’ when we should be saying ‘I don’t know, let’s find out.’ Remember, there was a time when people thought sickness was from demons. If we simply stuck to saying ‘Goddidit!’ we would NEVER have made any real progress in medicine or ANY sciences!”

    C: Hmm …

    C: “I don’t CARE! The BIBLE is flawless so THAT is what matters!”

    Everybody: “NOW you’ve done it”

    T: “Well, I didn’t want to veer off in this discussion, but since you brought that up… In the Bible, Jesus clearly states that if you believe in Him, that you can drink poison and not get sick (Mark 16:17). Wanna drink this glass of Drano and prove your faith?”

    C: “Godless heathen…”

    If the Bible is perfect and is to be taken literally:

    Perhaps you could explain the two conflicting chronologies of Creation? This is among the thousands of OTHER contradictions, of course.

    It’s no wonder Creationists ignore science, since it conflicts with The Bible. After all, that book says that bats are birds, and that insects have four legs. And that rabbits chew their cud!

    There’s odd absurdities, too. Before eating the fruit, Adam and Eve didn’t know Right from Wrong. So they DID NOT KNOW that eating the fruit was wrong. So why did God punish them? Why did He punish ALL OF MANKIND for their actions? This is just?

    Why did God destroy every living thing on Earth with a flood, including the innocent babies? What good did it do anyway, since God still had to deal with evil afterwards? Regardless, there is no scientific evidence of a Global Flood EVER happening on this planet.

    Gen 1:1-2, 2:4-25
    Lev 11:13,19
    Lev 11:21,23
    Lev 11:5,6
    Gen 2,3
    Gen 7

    Why did God tell Abraham to sacrifice his son, just to test his faith? Wouldn’t God KNOW is Abraham had faith or not?

    God sent tons of plagues since Pharaoh wouldn’t let Moses’ people go. But the reason the Pharaoh wouldn’t let them go was because every time he wanted to, God would repeatedly harden his heart. God was just showing off! Would a loving God do this?

    If God knows everything, then He knows whether you will believe in Him or not BEFORE you are born. Therefore, He knows before your birth if you are going to Hell or not! If that’s the case, why have you be born at all? He either can’t do it, which means He’s not all-powerful, or He can do it and chooses not to, which means He’s not all-good.

    And the list goes on and on …

    Gen 22
    Exodus 4:21
    Proverbs 15:3
    Psalms 25:8

    One could argue that atheists actually treat Christ better than most Christians! We want the man to rest in peace. You want to keep Him writhing in agony on that cross every moment for all eternity!

    “We love you, Jesus!”

    “If you love me, GET ME DOWN! This hurts like a mutha!”

    Though if He was God, what’s the big deal about His sacrifice, anyway? He knew He was going to paradise! This assumes Jesus even existed, of course. There is no non-biblical historical evidence that Jesus even existed!

    In face, most evidence seems to indicate that the Christian religion is cobbled from many other religions. Gods like Zeus, Mithra, Horus, Orsiris, and many, many others have very similar stories.

    1. Global flood
    2. Three wise men following a star
    3. Virgin birth
    4. Born in a stable
    5. Baptism to cleanse sin
    6. Healing the sick
    7. Sacred meal in remembrance
    8. Sacrificial death (sometimes on a cross)
    9. Resurrection
    10. Went to heaven

    And MANY more!

    In fact, both the Christmas and Easter celebrations were taken from PAGAN holidays!

    Why would a ‘perfect’ God create imperfect people that He punishes?

    “Depart from me, ye curses, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” (Matt 25:41)

    Do you really think a being that is intelligent enough to create the entire universe … Would be so ARROGANT and PETTY that He would have people suffer for all eternity is they won’t be His cheerleader?

    T: “Religion was created because people were scared that when you die, it’s all over. That’s the reality, Kid.

    C: “No! That CAN’T be true!”

    T: “There’s no evidence of any magical space pixie that is going to bail us out when we croak. It’s scary, but that’s the way it is.”

    T: “Evolution is merely the natural alteration of life forms through adaptation. It’s not that hard to figure out, nor is it without good solid evidence. THAT is also reality. Relax, science doesn’t bite.”

    C: “Golly!”

    T: “Well, class is over. Hope you learned something! You’re a good kid, just a little mixed up. See you tomorrow! I’ve got to get these charts to that Stephen Hawking presentation. What a guy!”

    Student 1: “Wow, that was some heavy stuff!”

    C: “Yeah! He’s really opened my eyes! No more religion for me!”

    Student 2: “What are you going to do now?”

    C: “Before I change my mind, I think I’ll do stuff I couldn’t do as a Christian. Maybe I’ll masturbate or read some Harry Potter books! Maybe both at the same time! Who care? I’m a free thinker at last!”

    The Bible says Christ is the only way to Heaven!
    But then, it also says the Earth is flat (http://www.infidels.org/library/magazines/tsr/1990/1/1flat90.html)


    1. Face Reality.
    2. Be willing to learn new things.
    3. Turn away from myths that can stifle you.
    4. Study and read. Be the best you can possibly be, and more.


    “I hope no Christians harass me today.”

    Did you accept the fact that science helps people?

    If you answered yes, then you’re on your way to a wonderful life as a free thinker.

    1. Sleep well knowing you aren’t going to fry in a fictional stove.
    2. Know that you are NOT a “sinner” or a bad person and are a worthy human being.
    3. Read and study … everything!
    4. Don’t push your beliefs on others, but if asked, be honest. Maybe they will learn from you.

    Want to learn more? Visit infidels.org!
    Want to laugh? Visit chick.com!

    22 Responses to Who’s Your Daddy?

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    2. Rylasasin
      3/21/2012 at 6:47 pm

      You forgot a pic (or two): The Yellow Charts the Biology Teacher shows in rebuttal to the creationist’s ones.

    3. 3/22/2012 at 1:00 am

      Awesome and Funny as Hell. More!!!!

    4. 4/14/2012 at 5:55 am
    5. xinit
      4/21/2012 at 8:39 pm

      Thanks for the pointer to pages 13A and B – I think there may have been a second version of this one

    6. Trolovski
      9/23/2012 at 11:29 am

      THIS IS PERFECT! Thank you ^^

    7. Muffin
      12/1/2012 at 3:45 am

      Now the professor looks like how he should be – really knows his stuff. On Youtube, where they have videos of the original, there have been a lot of comments saying that it was just as well Chick’s version quit, because he didn’t know the first thing about evolution. Bit of a surprise that your version knows about theology as well. Did he develop that because he gets a lot of people like the Creationist student?

    8. Bob
      3/13/2013 at 7:38 pm

      This tract overstays its welcome… I was reading a Cthulu parody earlier which was funnier because it wasn’t so drawn out… The final third of this was a drag, not because of its content but because my interest had flagged.

      There’s also problems in some of the anti-Christian arguments from the Bible, eg YHWH’s test of Abraham can be seen to be for Abraham’s benefit, most Christians see Jesus’ time on the cross as long over (tho some do obsess about it) etc

    9. Eva
      3/24/2013 at 11:57 pm

      “Why would a “perfect” God create imperfect people that He punishes?” — Simple, God is really Anthony from “It’s a Good Life.” #twilightzone

    10. 6/4/2013 at 1:35 pm

      This statement is incorrect:

      ďThe protons donít fly apart because ELECTRONS are negative and protons are positive.”

      While electrons are indeed negatively charged, they do nothing to bind the nucleus together. The electrons “orbit” the nucleus in a vast, distant cloud, thousands of times farther away from the nucleus than the nucleus’s own diameter.

    11. allison
      9/5/2013 at 7:02 pm

      The next-to-last panel had me dying with laughter – hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

    12. Malcolm
      10/14/2013 at 10:22 am

      You should swap out your ‘flat earth’ examples for something better. Its a myth that people used to believe the earth was flat.


    13. Lando Calrissian
      5/15/2014 at 6:12 pm

      Why is the Dr?no in a martini glass?

    14. A.C.
      10/16/2014 at 6:13 am

      Sorry, but I’ve read way better (and better formatted) Chick tract parodies. We get it, Creationism is illogical and Creationists are stupid. But there’s better ways of making humor out of it than long paragraphs of information ripped out of a textbook and constantly wangsting about “a perfect God wouldn’t do this”.

      By the way, even though I don’t take the Bible too literally at all (even though I’m a Christian), there’s more and more evidence being found of the Great Flood. That’s at least one Biblical event that’s hard to dispute. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/evidence-suggests-biblical-great-flood-noahs-time-happened/story?id=17884533

    15. KevinM
      1/21/2015 at 4:35 am

      You start off strong and then devolve into nonsense anyone who’s taken a 101 level course in Religious Studies knows better then to spout. Very few historians, egyptologists or scholars of any other sort take the nonsense about Mithras, Horus, and Osiris right their the silly ramblings of D M Murdock aka Achairya. She’s about as far from an authority as you can get and her work (along with its derivivatives Religulous and Zeitgeist) have been completely debunked by both atheists and theists.

      I agree with you on evolution (as do many Christians, like the Catholic Church) but your spouting off of ridiculous conspiracy nonsense detracts from the strength of the rest of the argument. Stick to facts and leave the nuttiness to the fundamentalists.

    16. Greenaum
      5/6/2015 at 11:33 pm

      AC, the point isn’t just to be funny. The strip provides answers, actual factual versions of the lies in the Chick original. That’s important. As well as being a useful reference, it’s important to provide people with a factual version of the story, so they can make an informed choice.

      While it might be a little longer than an ideal comedy would be, it’s important to get in all the facts, and to refute every silly lie Chick told. To miss out on one point would only have Creationists dancing around claiming that science CAN’T answer that particular thing, and therefore The Flintstones was a documentary. Arguing with those people is difficult, they’ll pick on any silly thing so one has to be comprehensive.

      It’s not enough just to mock Creationism and Christianity. We have to show the proof it isn’t true. Ultimately the aim is to let people become rational, and able to decide these things with full knowledge of the facts. It’s not about pissing off Chick, it’s about making the world a better place by reducing all the voodoo and magical thinking people believe in. Laws are regularly made according to this load of Iron-Age nonsense, here in the 21st Century. It’s not good enough, and often causes harm and misery.

    17. Greenaum
      5/6/2015 at 11:37 pm

      Oh, and it’s the Nuclear Strong Force that holds atomic nuclei together, even overcoming the electrical repulsion between protons. The Strong Force is stronger than electrical repulsion, but only active over very short (as in subatomic scale) distances.

    18. Rusty
      8/7/2015 at 6:26 pm

      @A.C.: “Thatís at least one Biblical event thatís hard to dispute”. The story has a picture of a Noah’s ark fantasy model. You realize that’s recently built, right? The story did NOT corroborate in any way the myth of Noah: all life on earth destroyed, kangaroos and koalas landing on Mt. Ararat but somehow swimming to Australia, etc. It described a catastrophic flood, as has been recorded in multiple cultures; myths, possible explaining an actual historical event that was the basis for those myths. Key word: myths.
      I was raised in the J-cult, but as an adult I began to study the roots of the early church, which made up its doctrine and history like the members of a fraternal lodge. Then looked into the Abrahamic religion, and realized these guys were just ripping off the most popular ideas from their neighbors in the region.
      If a Nordic emperor had dominated Europe instead of Constantine, the churches would all have steeples with a big hammer on top.

    19. Michael
      11/23/2015 at 11:49 am

      10/10 on the biology, 0/10 on the history and comparative mythology.

      Seriously that degraded fast at the end.

    20. Mehdi
      12/16/2015 at 6:11 am

      Thank you, this was great and educational too…

    21. Brett Dunbar
      11/1/2016 at 10:14 pm

      Homo heidelbergensis is now widely considered as a distinct species descended from H. erectus and ancestral to H. sapiens, H. neanderthalensis and the Denisovans. H. floresiensis was descended from a different population of H. erectus.

      Phylogenetic taxonomy places Homo within monkeys. Apes are more closely related to old world monkeys than old world monkeys are to new world monkeys so Apes are descended from the last common ancestor of all monkeys. Phylogenetic taxonomy doesn’t permit paraphyletic groups above the generic level. So if you prefer phylogenetic taxonomy like, for example, most dinosaur palaeontologists you would say humans are monkeys; much as birds are dinosaurs.

    22. Bubu
      4/22/2017 at 3:29 pm

      The atomic nucleus stays together because of the principle of strong interaction and the residual strong nuclear force.

      This force it’s explained by the quantum chromodynamics theory and actually involves gluons.

      Also, it’s true that the figure of Jesus ended adopting some aspects from Mithra and his resurrection can be seen as a retelling of the myth of Osiris, but Horus and Zeus are far-fetched comparisons.

      You’re also omitting the fact that christianity branched off from the abrahamic religion (judaism), which was one of the oldest monotheistic religions and not really a “cobbled down” pastiche. You can save something like that for the roman mythology, truly a copy-pasta from the greeks.

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