• Chick Tract Satire

    I Said, Young ManMST3K Meets Dark Dungeons

    Who's Your Daddy

    Unholy JoeTIKI

    What Jesus Would DoDarwinism: The Devil's Religion

    Trance CrackerWho Will Be Eaten First?

    DarkseidGalactus Is Coming!

    3rd Edition: Tool of Satan?Tina Shoes

    VisitorsHellenic Chick

    Darque DungeonGod Hates The Scene!

    The Last Subgenius GenerationChristians and Crusades

    Things to be added to the collection, and a random collection of links as-yet-unexplored or rumors that have yet to be substantiated…


    Some new tracts to find, thanks to Wikipedia:

    • “Devil Doll?” by Daniel Clowes – Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police [Jello Biafra’s 1994 CD]: Devil Doll? (E1) reprinted in the form of a Jack Chick Tract and included with CD, also inside Eightball #1 comic. Still looking for this
    • “Antlers Of The Damned” by Adam Thrasher Found at http://www.weirdcrap.com/chick/antlers/antlers.html
    • “Jesus Delivers!” by Jim Woodring and David Lasky Looking for, emailed authors
    • “Demonic Deviltry” by ‘Dr. Robert Ramos’ (Justin Achilli of White Wolf Game Studios) Found – http://images.wikia.com/whitewolf/images/1/10/Demonicdeviltry.pdf
    • “A Patriarchy’s Nightmare” by Keith Mayerson Looking for
    • “Why We’re Here” by Fred Van Lente and Steve Ellis Found – http://www.fredvanlente.com/cthulhutract/

      • Other things to be added;

        • http://members.aol.com/eloquentlyvague/terror/totpage.html
        • Church of Hemp tracts; Bad Bob Larson, In The Beginning (Before the D.E.A.), The Lost Generation, Miss Universe (The Story of Cannabisa, Goddess of Hemp), A Rent-A-Cop Demon’s Nightmare!, The Visitors, Why No Holy Vegetable?, Wounded Children, etc. Emailed them at frynet50@hotmail.com, email bounced.
        • From nonDairy Publishing (http://www.slowwave.com): The Bible- (1992, 1997 by Jesse Reklaw) a 12 page tract with execellent illustrations. It’s a story of a kid who starts quoting scripture he makes up to get his own way. Emailed artist, and positive response.
        • Full audio video treatment in Hot Chicks – dramatic re-enactments of the original Chick Tracts at http://www.316now.com/
        • In the style of treatment about a more moderate version of Christianity byDean Rankine

        If you have a parody tract and can provide more information and a good quality scan of it, please email me a copy rgmurray at gmail dot com. Thanks.

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    3. A. C. Petyt (aka Britarse)
      6/24/2013 at 1:13 am

      I’m posting a fehttp://cockeyed.webcomic.ws/comics/pl/312120
      Check them out and let me know what you think.w chick parodies of my own on my webcomic, starting here:

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    5. Rafael
      9/14/2015 at 12:00 am

      I have a copy of a copy of Jesus Delivers…

    6. King Bushwick the Toity Toid
      6/24/2016 at 7:46 pm

      “Your’e either one of two things in this world.Either you’re somebody or you ai’t nobody!!”
      -Frank Lucas(Denzel Washington)”American Gangster:.
      “Still clinging proudly to my guns and my rosary”-A message from Catholic Gun Owners of the USA.

    7. Robert Furtkamp
      10/25/2016 at 12:40 am

      I did one circa ’96 or so, web.archive.org still has it and my original .com site mostly up (the Chick piece is complete):


    8. A. Nuran
      10/25/2016 at 1:27 pm

      How about Thrice Great Moly’s excellent parody?

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