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    CMS helps you communicate mistakes more efficiently

    by  • 2/6/2005 • geek, work • 1 Comment

    Tools don’t necessarily eliminate mistakes, and often all they really do is enable you to make more mistakes quicker than ever before. CMSWire touches on a common problem that exists in many more places that just in Content Management Systems. They suggest that; The biggest mistake in content management is writing for the organization and […]

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    Tim O’Reilly kicks Pirillo’s butt…

    by  • 1/17/2005 • angst, geek, life, work • 0 Comments

    Like I said before, Chris was jumping to conclusions; The first level of indent is Chris, and the second is Tim; UPDATE: Ignore everything that was written above (which I won’t delete, so that you might understand the following). Direct from Tim O’Reilly’s mouth: I would have thought you’d ping me before putting something on […]

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    Dirty pool…

    by  • 1/5/2005 • angst, life, work • 0 Comments

    Jeremy has just been fired for blogging… or more correctly ?divulging company secrets in a public space.” It seems a little petty and vindictive on the surface, seeing as he was going to be leaving shortly anyhow. I have to say, Jeremy, that it’s worth fighting if they’re not giving you specifics. I mean, exactly […]

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