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    Define ‘Unreasonable’ in Nova Scotia?

    by  • 1/8/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    I was looking for something in the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code with regard to minimum times between shifts. I’m used to BC and Alberta, where you had to have 10-12 hours between scheduled shifts, so that you could sleep, eat, and recharge for the following day. I have a couple co-workers that are being […]

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    A Tale of One of Two Scars

    by  • 5/20/2008 • health, work • 0 Comments

    There are only two scars on my body that really have anything near a story to tell. There’s one I received as an adult and one that I received as a child; only the one from my youth could be used as a means of identifying my corpse should things come to that. This is […]

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    I, for one, welcome the new etsy overlords

    by  • 12/10/2007 • work • 0 Comments

    Earlier today, I applied for a Systems Administrator job at Etsy, and I didn’t bother removing the standard link in my signature to this wordpress site. I figure a company like Etsy is hip enough to deal with all the questionable content around here. A moderately skilled 11 year old could find this page with […]

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    Are You Unskilled and Unaware of It?

    by  • 6/18/2007 • geek, work • 0 Comments

    Damn interesting… When asked, most individuals will describe themselves as better-than-average in areas such as leadership, social skills, written expression, or just about any flavor of savvy where the individual has an interest. This tendency of the average person to believe he or she is better-than-average is known as the “above-average effect,” and it flies […]

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    J2EE / Java developers needed… In Halifax…

    by  • 5/15/2007 • Halifax, life, work • 0 Comments

    The project team will consist of over 50 people based in Halifax – nearly 30 J2EE/Java developers, 10 Project Managers and around 10 Business Analysts. The good part is that the referral bonuses aren’t as horrible as usual; $2000 instead of a couple hundred The bad part is that they’re trying to find these Java […]

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    Scary and Encouraging All At Once

    by  • 11/20/2006 • geek, Halifax, life, work • 0 Comments

    As a UNIX systems administrator, my primary job is to do as little work as possible. My day is supposed to be filled with looking for ways to reduce my workload; anything I could conceivably do twice should be looked at as something that could have a script written to perform the work the second […]

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    To Live and Die…

    by  • 10/25/2006 • life, photography, Vancouver, work • 0 Comments

    Sitting in Los Angeles at the free hotel that is, thankfully, very rat-free so far. It’s very IKEA in its sense of style; lots of glossy orange in the bathroom, blue astroturf by the pool side, and prices aren’t too out of line with reality. Even the room service appears to be in the range […]

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    Give me your money

    by  • 9/9/2005 • life, Vancouver, work • 0 Comments

    I’m walking away from one of my contracts at the end of this month. It’s not something that I really want to do, as I was pretty comfortable there for the three days of the week that I put in there. The problem was that I was only there three days a week, and maybe […]

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    Child Labour Alright in the USA

    by  • 2/14/2005 • angst, work • 0 Comments

    At least it would appear that it’s okay to employ people under the age of 18 in dangerous conditions so long as you donate to a political party that’s in power. I would imagine that WalMart didn’t start employing kids wielding chainsaws only after the election of G. W. Bush, so placing the blame on […]

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    Job Opportunity Spam?

    by  • 2/14/2005 • work • 1 Comment

    Had a message in my gmail inbox that initially sounded like spam…. We found your resume on the net and were wondering if you were available for an interview to discuss an possible opportunity? Normally I would have deleted it, but at least this one listed a local phone number and a reasonably unique last […]

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