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    Looking for a job in Toronto?

    by  • 10/2/2009 • work • 2 Comments

    I’ve included some interesting jobs below, or you can check the main job listing site. I believe that these links will all function outside of RBC’s network, but haven’t been able to verify them yet. If not, http://www.rbc.com/careers should definitely work, if not as directly. If you see anything you like, and you apply, there […]

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    Improving Chances of Getting an Interview

    by  • 8/8/2009 • work • 1 Comment

    I had someone call my bluff on my Trina Thompson post about changing how you’re looking for work rather than simply complaining about not being able to find it (and potentially choosing to sue your school). I’m re-editing my email response, and likely adding more to it for the purposes of this blog post. I’m […]

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    Workopolis Needs Work

    by  • 4/27/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    I have a long disused workopolis account, last touched around 2001. I’ve been trying to get it updated for the last hour or so, and failing miserably. They pretty much insist that you use their amazing ResumeExpert system, which pulls the keywords out, and lets you pop up on employer and recruiter searches. I decide […]

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    HR and Tech Managers need to speak to each other

    by  • 4/3/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    Two problems on this latest position I’m applying to would seem to indicate an apparent lack of care or attention to detail on behalf of the HR and recruiters. Advertising for skills that can’t exist unless you stretch the definitions… Unless there’s some new developments at Microsoft, they don’t make MS SQL for Linux. Build, […]

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    Mixed Messages in Job Applications

    by  • 3/25/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    Applying for a position, and on submitting my resume via a web form, I receive this; Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error ‘80040e37’ Invalid object name ‘survey’. /dev/common.inc, line 14 Did it save or not? Well, at least they appear to have an actual need for a systems admin, even if they were […]

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    Save the whales but torture the webmasters

    by  • 3/3/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    In the event you’re technically skilled webmaster with a social consciousness and are looking for work, Greenpeace is hiring someone for their downtown Toronto office. The ad sounds like you’d be the sole person responsible for the entire English language Greenpeace online presence, generating content as well as maintaining the systems that provide the framework. […]

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    Passive aggressive email?

    by  • 3/3/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    I received an email response to an application I made for a job in Toronto, inviting me to submit some potential times for a telephone interview. This isn’t that uncommon in the industry, and it does save time trying to reach candidates who are either at the office, or otherwise unable to talk. Where it […]

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    Mutter mutter mutter

    by  • 2/16/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    I’ve mentioned before how I hate applying for jobs through companies “easy to use” self service HR web portals. All too often the choices are badly limited, or otherwise brain dead. Today alone, on two large national bank sites that I’ve applied to, I’ve been asked things like: 1. Are you eligibile to legally work […]

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    False dichotomies in recruiting

    by  • 1/25/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    I was responding to a position with a recruiter that uses a short submission form, but they have a “culture fit” survey that they require for this specific company they’re recruiting for. I can choose either “I want to be paid well” or “I have integrity”. So, if I have integrity, that means I want […]

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