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    AWT – Suck My Dick, Bitch

    by  • 1/29/2007 • life, live music, music, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    I setup a smart playlist on my iPod the other day to collect all the Vancouver and Victoria related music I have so that I can listen to a random selection of SNFU, Modernettes, DOA, and other Vancouver bands when the mood strikes me. I was listening to some crappy Fat Joe Satan recordings that […]

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    The lineup for the ‘Fuck Bekins Benefit’

    by  • 1/17/2007 • life, music, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Not bad after a day… It’ll be an assault of genres if all these people show up; industrial style noise, blues played by talented musicians, typical metal, rockabilly with hot guitar and big bass, screamy horrible punk rock, and naked chicks. I’m still working on a couple more bands… Be nice to see a total […]

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    Hands Across East Vancouver

    by  • 1/15/2007 • life, music, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    wendythirteen of The Cobalt hardcore hotspot on Main Street shot me an email today, offering up a saturday night spot to do a benefit music night January 27th. So, if you’ve never been to the Cobalt, now’s the time. I have no idea who I’m going to be able to tap to play… if only […]

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    Google juice for Bekins Moving and Storage

    by  • 1/14/2007 • geek, Halifax, life, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    This site comes in pretty high when searching for “Bekins Vancouver”…#8 when I searched. Just in case you missed it, my story on Bekins Moving and Storage, aka Bekins Vancouver…. well, it’s technically Bekins Richmond, but either way, it all comes down to United Van Lines. So, yeah, if you can’t digg this story or […]

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    Rock ‘N Roll Bazaar

    by  • 11/13/2006 • art, life, live music, music, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Went down to The Plaza on Granville for the first time ever…. interesting space. It was the “First Annual Rock ‘N Roll Bazaar” featuring performances by bands Canned Hamm and Rock’n and a couple sideshow acts; Lola Del Cielo and M. Pyress Flame. I went partly to see what exactly the band Rock’n was, as […]

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    Reason #2 To Leave Vancouver

    by  • 11/3/2006 • insanity, life, Vancouver • 1 Comment

    My #1 reason to leave is to accept a good job offer, and reason the whole real estate issue gets bumped down to #2. There was a piece by Pieta Woolley in The Georgia Straight‘s October 26, 2006 issue that really sums things up well for me. I’m not sure that it’s really the government’s […]

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    Let the bargains begin

    by  • 11/1/2006 • insanity, life, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Some Craigslist items I have listed as I’m moving to Halifax and can’t take everything with me… Pentax MZ 6 Camera – $150 Large Couch in Great Condition – $500 More coming as I manage to take photos of things. Items that are up for sale but unposted yet can be seen in my Flickr […]

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    To Live and Die…

    by  • 10/25/2006 • life, photography, Vancouver, work • 0 Comments

    Sitting in Los Angeles at the free hotel that is, thankfully, very rat-free so far. It’s very IKEA in its sense of style; lots of glossy orange in the bathroom, blue astroturf by the pool side, and prices aren’t too out of line with reality. Even the room service appears to be in the range […]

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