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    Posts from the past

    by  • 10/4/2007 • news, photography, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    I had a couple odd comments pop up on the last couple comments, including a phone number of someone in Vancouver and an email address for contacting them. It’s something to do with an accident that I didn’t witness, but that I did happen to snap a couple photos of with my crappy cell phone […]

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    Travel thoughts

    by  • 9/30/2007 • travel, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    So, assuming The Student in the family can pull off good marks, I was thinking that might call for a Vancouver blitz around the end of April for a week or so. 7-11, JJ Bean, Kolachis, Chinese steam buns, cheap sushi, decent Indian food, a couple nights at The Cobalt. Part of what brought this […]

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    Things not to do if you steal a laptop

    by  • 9/24/2007 • humor, insanity, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    If you just bought a laptop from someone in the bar for $50, or you stole it yourself, don’t click on “upload to flickr” when you take photos of your cool tattoos… From Bill MacEwan’s report of the crime that lead to this photo appearing in his flikr photostream; My business was broken into last […]

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    Missed a great show

    by  • 7/23/2007 • live music, Vancouver • 2 Comments

    Still waiting for word on video from the Mr. Chi Pig’s SNFU pseudo-reunionish show from July 20, 2007 in Vancouver. There’s also a Flickr photoset of images I didn’t take, but that various locals provided for me to miss having been there even more.

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    He laughs. “Get real.”

    by  • 7/9/2007 • Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Another Vancouver Real Estate Theory… Bubble Popping theories are like assholes; everyone has one. Right now, according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, a typical Greater Vancouver house costs $715,700. With a mortgage for 75 per cent of the value of that house, a quarter point increase would only mean a further $85 […]

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    Crows at Dawn

    by  • 3/26/2007 • art, photography, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    One of my last mornings in Vancouver this past fall, watching the crows swarm and get ready for a day of scaring people by diving for their heads. The sky was beautiful and the crows were in silhouette. The above item listed on etsy for $40 is 8×8 inches, mounted on black foamcore. I also […]

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    Country Cannibal Cafe

    by  • 3/7/2007 • live music, Vancouver • 2 Comments

    I may have posted this tune already, but this is the latest rendition, and they’ve managed to get Mr. Chi Pig (SNFU) to slow down enough that the effect is much more complete. Very Broke Back Mountain now… Chi and Plow and their love that dare not speak its name… Hellbent Cuntry w/ Mr. Chi […]

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    Bekins Moving and Storage Update

    by  • 2/27/2007 • Halifax, life, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Just spoke with Mara at Bekins in Vancouver, who made some accusations while sounding hurt and offended. It seems that they or their lawyers have found the “Fuck Bekins” posters and writings over on thecobalt.net. She was hurt that I could write such rude, one-sided things about them; how I could post my emails without […]

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    Removal – File Under Futile

    by  • 2/26/2007 • art, music, Vancouver • 1 Comment

    The newest CD from Vancouver’s best locally unknown band has just been released to CDBaby.com. Removal has released their fifth CD File Under Futile, just in time for the band’s extensive European tour. Instrumental progressive metal The MP3 sample below is from one of the 10 songs they have released that feature a guest vocalist. […]

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