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    Cheap flights to Atlanta

    by  • 8/4/2009 • travel • 0 Comments

    I’ve been turning up direct flights from Toronto to Atlanta for about $750 per person, all taxes included. Flights that have a stop in Newark or Chicago drop a bit, settling in around $550 return per person. I had investigated the possibility of buying the ~US$550 Amtrak US pass and taking the train the whole […]

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    Shouldn’t have passed Toronto

    by  • 2/24/2009 • Toronto, travel • 1 Comment

    I was thinking about how we’d be able to get down to Atlanta in September for Dragon*Con if we were in Toronto rather than Halifax. Sure enough, there’s a well used rail line from Toronto to New York City, and a connection in Penn Station that heads down through Atlanta. The line through Atlanta terminates […]

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    Chancing across a Chi Pig

    by  • 9/18/2008 • live music, Toronto, travel • 0 Comments

    It’s nice being in a real city, even if it’s only for a couple days. There is traffic and construction and people moving around at nine in the morning. I wasn’t able to check in early, so wandered off to find breakfast and take some photos. The streets are alive. There is a vibrancy in […]

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    Toronto Trip

    by  • 9/9/2008 • live music, Toronto, travel • 0 Comments

    The Toronto gigs with SNFU get better, as Mr. Plow will be there in addition to 3tards and Left Spine Down. I thought Plow wasn’t showing up in Ontario until after the Toronto shows, but he popped up on Facebook to tell me otherwise yesterday. The shows are taking place at The Kathedral which reminds […]

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    DragonCon – The Paper Blog part 2

    by  • 9/7/2008 • skeptic, travel • 0 Comments

    Continuing on Friday… Dr. Pamela Gay’s talk on “Selling The Impossible” was one of the talks that I attended that hadn’t been on my original list; amazing how things sneak in like that. She gave a talk about critical thinking when buying things. Magic detoxifying footpads that turn colour as they “draw toxins” out from […]

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    DragonCon – The Paper Blog part 1

    by  • 9/6/2008 • life, skeptic, travel • 4 Comments

    This is just the first bit of my notes transcribed from my little notebook. I had no computer all weekend, so I had to WRITE things… no undo function, no copy and paste… Dragoncon 2008 – Thurs Aug 28 Wandering around a mostly empty set of hotel rooms and I decided to see how Skepticality’s […]

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    Four Hours to Sleep

    by  • 8/27/2008 • travel • 0 Comments

    Well, the plan is to leave the apartment in a mere 4.5 hours from right now, and head off to Georgia by way of Toronto. We’ll be there by lunch time, leaving plenty of time for check in and setup before trying to catch up on some of the sleep deficit we’re already faced with. […]

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    Things what I need doin’

    by  • 8/1/2008 • travel • 0 Comments

    Things done for September travels to Atlanta and Toronto Plane tickets and hotels have been booked for some time for Atlanta at the end of the month. Dog is all vaccinated and ready to be boarded for our Atlanta trip Booked car for the trip to the airport / drop dog off at boarder I […]

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