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    “Meet Your Karma”

    by  • 8/28/2013 • geek, travel • 0 Comments

    This is my newest toy for travel data access while in the U.S. Karma provides a nice simple package. Clean and straight forward. The first paper is about blah blah blah regulatory information and a general disclaimer about wireless not being 100% guaranteed in all places at all times. Just legalese. Then there’s a simple […]

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    Ready for Dragon*Con 2013. Almost.

    by  • 8/27/2013 • life, travel • 1 Comment

    Today’s been a pretty productive day; one of the better “day before flying” days that I can remember. We went to the bank and applied for an RESP for Stirling. I wasn’t sold on the idea until I learned that the government offers a grant of up to 20% (for me… families who have less […]

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    Weight loss and travel

    by  • 8/25/2013 • travel • 0 Comments

    Packing my suitcase fit Dragon Con and it occurs to me that airline luggage allowances are blatantly unfair. Since I last flew, I have lost the weight of about one checked bag (depending on the airline), but I’m still only allowed one checked bag without paying extra. I wonder what the fixed cost is to […]

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    Meeting people in strange places

    by  • 10/17/2011 • travel • 0 Comments

    We are in Xian and have just got back to our hotel after a day visiting the Terracotta Warriors. That and a stop at the Starbucks for the latest City Mug for Tania’s collection. Yesterday I learned that not only do we know a Westerner in Beijing, but we know someone who’s in Xi’an for […]

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    Hong Kong is Not China

    by  • 10/13/2011 • travel • 0 Comments

    I’m not sure I really get it, but Hong Kong is still not REALLY China in at least a couple ways. Perhaps most notable to someone like me, Facebook and Twitter were accessible in Hong Kong via airport wi-fi. In Beijing, those are back to being non-existant web sites. Somehow we left the apartment Tuesday […]

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    TAM 9 in Las Vegas

    by  • 7/19/2011 • skeptic, travel • 0 Comments

    Tuesday – Off in pursuit of a SIM card for the iPhone with Reed Esau playing tour guide through old Vegas. White Cross drug store lunch counter for burgers, Frankie’s Tiki Room for rum-based drinks, and then milk shakes at some little little shop beside the Radio Shack we eventually found. Wednesday – Mac King […]

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    How Bad Is Israel as a Travel Destination?

    by  • 2/22/2011 • travel • 0 Comments

    Mom asked for an itinerary for the Israel trip, and asked if it was a safe time to visit the area. Thought I’d share my response in case anyone else has any concerns about our heading into a war zone. I’ve never been to the Middle East at all, so I’m nervous, but more about […]

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    Must be your lucky day!

    by  • 7/26/2010 • travel • 0 Comments

    On my way over to the Design Exchange for the press photo opp today, I noticed that there was a Toronto a la Cart vendor on the corner of King & Bay. They were tucked around the corner on Bay far enough that I never saw them when I’d go in to work. I made […]

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    Busiest part of 2010 still ahead

    by  • 5/29/2010 • music, skeptic, travel • 1 Comment

    I didn’t do this much stuff in Halifax or in Vancouver… technically I’m not doing most of it in Toronto, either, but this is a lot of travel cost that’s immensely cheaper from this end of the country. I’m still considering going back to Vancouver for a session of film overdose with the Vancouver International […]

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