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    Deal Site GroupOn Brings the WooWooOn

    by  • 8/7/2011 • insanity, skeptic • 2 Comments

    Today I see this bit of woo at Groupon … Original link Many of the things we rely on for energy end up ultimately depleting our vigour, such as drinking coffee or swallowing batteries. Endeavour a new energy renewal with today’s Groupon: for $15, you get a Harmony Balance-Band from Balance-Band.net (a $40 value). Harmony […]

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    TAM 9 in Las Vegas

    by  • 7/19/2011 • skeptic, travel • 0 Comments

    Tuesday – Off in pursuit of a SIM card for the iPhone with Reed Esau playing tour guide through old Vegas. White Cross drug store lunch counter for burgers, Frankie’s Tiki Room for rum-based drinks, and then milk shakes at some little little shop beside the Radio Shack we eventually found. Wednesday – Mac King […]

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    Toronto SkeptiCamp Speaker Lineup

    by  • 9/16/2010 • skeptic • 0 Comments

    We’ve looked at the facilities, and it looks like a good choice; nice big room with A/V, wifi, and plenty of seating. On October 23, 2010, we’ll be meeting in CFI’s space at 216 Beverly Street in Toronto, just off of College. Start time and schedule will follow soon. Thanks to Pam and Justin at […]

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    Busiest part of 2010 still ahead

    by  • 5/29/2010 • music, skeptic, travel • 1 Comment

    I didn’t do this much stuff in Halifax or in Vancouver… technically I’m not doing most of it in Toronto, either, but this is a lot of travel cost that’s immensely cheaper from this end of the country. I’m still considering going back to Vancouver for a session of film overdose with the Vancouver International […]

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    How Many Skeptics Are There In Toronto

    by  • 9/19/2009 • skeptic, Toronto • 2 Comments

    Last month, there were no “Skeptics In The Pub” style events being held in Toronto. I’m still new to town, and was surprised by this apparent oversight in a city with a reputation for having a strong skeptical community, let alone a city with a couple formal skeptics groups. Last week, I was rather happy […]

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    A Poem Beyond Belief

    by  • 3/30/2009 • skeptic • 0 Comments

    The ABCs of skepticism, as presented by The Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait. Go see his version, it’s all linky with extra information, and his commenters have some good suggestions for alternate verses. A is Ad hominem, attacks quite insulting, They may feel good but no good is resulting. B is for Bible, they swear itís […]

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    DragonCon – The Paper Blog part 2

    by  • 9/7/2008 • skeptic, travel • 0 Comments

    Continuing on Friday… Dr. Pamela Gay’s talk on “Selling The Impossible” was one of the talks that I attended that hadn’t been on my original list; amazing how things sneak in like that. She gave a talk about critical thinking when buying things. Magic detoxifying footpads that turn colour as they “draw toxins” out from […]

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    James Randi on Dragon*Con

    by  • 9/7/2008 • skeptic • 1 Comment

    I’ve transcribed some interesting sections from The Amazing Show’s most recent episode, which can be found at itricks.com/randishow. Randi does tend to tell stories, and meander a bit when telling a story, so I’ve edited the following pretty heavily. Check out the podcast for more detail, and a short story about opening for Frank Zappa… […]

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    DragonCon – The Paper Blog part 1

    by  • 9/6/2008 • life, skeptic, travel • 4 Comments

    This is just the first bit of my notes transcribed from my little notebook. I had no computer all weekend, so I had to WRITE things… no undo function, no copy and paste… Dragoncon 2008 – Thurs Aug 28 Wandering around a mostly empty set of hotel rooms and I decided to see how Skepticality’s […]

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