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    Free evolution tract

    by  • 1/4/2008 • science • 1 Comment

    January 4 — The National Academy of Sciences and Institute of Medicine have released Science, Evolution, and Creationism, a book designed to give the public a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the current scientific understanding of evolution and its importance in the science classroom. NAS and IOM strongly maintain that only scientifically based explanations for […]

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    Tourettes is my super power, apparently

    by  • 11/24/2007 • insanity, intelligent design, religion, science • 1 Comment

    We watched the Intelligent Design on Trial documentary, streamed from Nova’s web site yesterday. There’s one old kook that makes Michael Behe seem sane and logical in comparison, especially considering that the man has no science background; the man’s a professor of law. Phillip Johnson is known as the father of intelligent design. The idea […]

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    Selfishness Genetics

    by  • 9/12/2007 • science • 0 Comments

    The more I understand meiosis, and how chromosomes work, the more I think Evolution Deniers are insane. The simple process by which chromosomes are picked out from tiny bits of your 23 pairs of chromosomes, seemingly at random, to provide the starting blocks of your offspring seems surprisingly simplistic. It seems that evolution is unavoidable, […]

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