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    Jeni has a blog, Andrew is a liar.

    by  • 2/8/2009 • science • 7 Comments

    Jeni Barnett opens her ignorant, uninformed, cake hole again with an article MMR and Me; I am not a scientist, I would not claim to be a scientist. When tested on the contents of the MMR vaccine I told the truth. I did not have the facts to hand. She’s not a scientist, and she […]

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    Vaccines good, Jeni dumb.

    by  • 2/8/2009 • science • 0 Comments

    Had to bring the Skeptical Dog back out of retirement in order to help spread the story of someone so stupid, they don’t want their own words to be read or heard. JB – Jeni Barnett Tracy – a homeopath caller JB: Now, now, now. I want to do this slowly because you’re going to […]

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    Faster Cephalopod! Dance! Dance!

    by  • 6/12/2008 • comics, science • 0 Comments

    I’ve scaled the image at the top of this post down just slightly to fit in with all the other images I’ve been posting, so if you want the original, head to the real cartoonist’s page at xkcd.com for the full thing. The little bit with the octopus wielding biologist was begging to be made […]

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    Women Aren’t Supposed To Fly

    by  • 6/11/2008 • science • 1 Comment

    This week’s show from Skepticality (Episode 79) features an interview with Dr. Harriet Hall. She was one of the very few (7%) female doctors in 1970, and the 2nd woman ever to do an Air Force internship, and the only woman at David Grant USAF Medical Center. Pilot, doctor, and skeptic; I can think of […]

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    Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

    by  • 6/11/2008 • science, video • 0 Comments

    Here Be Dragons is a free 40 minute video introduction to critical thinking. It is suitable for general audiences and is licensed for free distribution and public display. Most people fully accept paranormal and pseudoscientific claims without critique as they are promoted by the mass media. Here Be Dragons offers a toolbox for recognizing and […]

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    Dragon Con 2008 Paranoia Post

    by  • 6/2/2008 • geek, science, skeptic • 1 Comment

    Ninety days left until labour day weekend. Will find the budget room yet. There’s simply no way that I’ll be able to attend The Amazing Meeting in the next couple years; Dragon Con is going to be my only chance to meet James Randi. The Skeptics actually have a real track this year, rather than […]

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    Bacterial Deconstruction Crew

    by  • 5/28/2008 • science • 0 Comments

    Convincing plastic bags to self-destruct in a matter of weeks. Kid breeds a vat of bacteria that find nothing tastier than polyethelene plastic bags you collect at your local grocery store. Next, Burd tested his strains’ effectiveness at different temperatures, concentrations and with the addition of sodium acetate as a ready source of carbon to […]

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    Twitter from space

    by  • 5/25/2008 • geek, science • 0 Comments

    I still don’t quite get twitter, but this is amusing… The Phoenix Lander has a twitter feed written in the first person. It would be so much more interesting if the messages were actually being sent from the lander itself, rather than some NASA geek in mission control, but I’ll try to suspend my disbelief […]

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    Houston; The Phoenix Has Landed.

    by  • 5/25/2008 • science • 0 Comments

    PASADENA, Calif. — ­ NASA’s Phoenix Mars spacecraft appears to have made a safe landing on Mars. Just before 8 p.m. Eastern time, mission controllers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory here received a radio signal from the Phoenix on the ground in the icy plains north of Mars’ Arctic circle. Because the signal was relayed […]

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    The Quotable Einstein

    by  • 5/21/2008 • atheism, science • 0 Comments

    While Albert Einstein is not a final resource on the non-existence of God, this quote from a letter recently auctioned off should help to set the record straight when Einstein is claimed as a man of religion by Christians in debates. “Das Wort Gott ist für mich nichts als Ausdruck und Produkt menschlicher Schwächen, die […]

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