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    I Present: Canada’s Facebook Community

    by  • 6/20/2007 • politics, religion • 0 Comments

    Thank you CBC for sponsoring this little Canadian Wish List project on Facebook; you’re showing me just how conservative and scared Canada is of those that are different. Top Wishes By Membership 4956 — Abolish Abortion in Canada 4610 — I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice 2302 — For a spiritual revival in our […]

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    Scientology is Staffed by Tom Cruise Clones

    by  • 5/16/2007 • atheism, insanity, religion • 1 Comment

    That’s right. Tom Cruise clones from the Risky Business era, with the haircut and the 80s shades and the expressionless eyes. Watched the a recently documentary from the UK’s Panorama; it started out as a documentary to find out more about the allegations of culthood surrounding Scientology’s efforts to setup a UK branch. They had […]

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    Going To Hell On Brunswick

    by  • 2/24/2007 • art, atheism, life, religion • 0 Comments

    I was walking down the street, minding my own business, and listening to a podcast from The Infidel Guy about how God doesn’t exist or something. Big headphones on, I was approached by a friendly looking black man. I thought he was lost and needed directions. He thought I was the one who was lost, […]

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