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    Bearing false witness at the Discovery Institute

    by  • 5/12/2008 • religion, science • 0 Comments

    Wow, that’s sure an impressive looking list of scientist who don’t buy into that who Evolution mumbo jumbo. Boy, I guess I’ll have break down and go to churc… wait a minute. Computer Science Professor? Geologist? Environmental Studies? Astronomy? Philosophy? Okay, let’s look into this a bit further. Found the top video on Pharyngula today, […]

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    Facebook artificial selection in action

    by  • 5/8/2008 • angst, religion • 1 Comment

    There was once a creationist nut (CreNu, we’ll call him) who facebook-friended a whole bunch of atheists and skeptics. There were good conversations happening in groups, etc, so many of us accepted his terms. We’re not all against those that have invisible friends, we just don’t see the invisible so readily… Well, CreNu posted a […]

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    Religion Hits The Streets

    by  • 5/4/2008 • religion • 2 Comments

    The Gideons were out on the streets today, politely trying to hand out copies of the New Testament to passers by. Apparently I have some sort of mark on my head that allows me to buy and sell things, but I can’t be offered a free bible. I bet I could buy one, though thanks […]

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    Praise Be To Saint Norman!

    by  • 5/1/2008 • atheism, humor, religion • 0 Comments

    A mycologist / atheist / fan of reason writing under the pseudonym Mike O’Risal at Hyphoid Logic has been conducting a scientific experiment in evaluating the quality and quantity of divine intervention. I’m a relatively empirically-minded individual, so I think an experiment is in order. While Twyman is praying to the Invisible Man in the […]

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    Crazy in the mail

    by  • 5/1/2008 • insanity, religion • 0 Comments

    I received a bit of mail yesterday that brightened my day in so many ways, and it’s end of the world prophecy in all its self-published glory. You better hurry if you want to get your own copy because it’s nearly over. The postal system’s oath says nothing about Apocalypse, rivers of blood, or seal […]

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    Quoting The Bible To Believers

    by  • 12/24/2007 • atheism, religion • 2 Comments

    More fun over at the local paper with comments open on a story about Christmas for Non-Christians. After previous stories featuring comments by people stating that everyone needs to be forced to take the day off and stay at home and celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas (r). What was that about the Devil quoting […]

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    Tourettes is my super power, apparently

    by  • 11/24/2007 • insanity, intelligent design, religion, science • 1 Comment

    We watched the Intelligent Design on Trial documentary, streamed from Nova’s web site yesterday. There’s one old kook that makes Michael Behe seem sane and logical in comparison, especially considering that the man has no science background; the man’s a professor of law. Phillip Johnson is known as the father of intelligent design. The idea […]

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    A vision gave me instructions

    by  • 7/15/2007 • angst, religion • 0 Comments

    A vision came to me yesterday. Now, some of you “skeptics” may say that this is just a rust stain or that it doesn’t look like the saint that spoke to me at that moment, but you’re all jerks. Go see the picture and feel the warm love of the sock…

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