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    Believe in Open Government?

    by  • 9/25/2008 • politics • 0 Comments

    Outside of the catch phrases and sound bites, I found this little site that has some interesting statements that it’s asking candidates to agree or disagree with five simple statements. Not a single Conservative or Liberal candidate has responded, possibly for very good reasons… see if you can’t convince your rep to go on record […]

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    Satan versus Her Majesty The Queen

    by  • 8/13/2007 • humor, news, politics • 0 Comments

    Satan has filed a lawsuit in a Federal Court, contesting the election reform law that stripped his the Rhinos of official party status in 1993. He’s running in a by-election with a promise to rename the country Nantucket if he’s elected. The Rhino party formed in 1963 with a promise to keep none of its […]

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    I Present: Canada’s Facebook Community

    by  • 6/20/2007 • politics, religion • 0 Comments

    Thank you CBC for sponsoring this little Canadian Wish List project on Facebook; you’re showing me just how conservative and scared Canada is of those that are different. Top Wishes By Membership 4956 — Abolish Abortion in Canada 4610 — I wish that Canada would remain pro-choice 2302 — For a spiritual revival in our […]

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    by  • 3/4/2007 • politics • 0 Comments

    I’ve often wondered if she was just playing a character, a big self-satire on the US Republican Party… but I’m thinking that no, she’s just an idiot. For the benefit of google; whore

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    Ann Coulter on a T-shirt…

    by  • 1/23/2007 • life, music, politics • 0 Comments

    Hamell On Trial has mentioned that there is to be a re-release of the work-inappropriate t-shirt advertising Hamell’s toe-tapping tune about the quality of Ann Coulter’s nether regions… I didn’t see the shirt listed yet on the Righteous Babe store yet, but I assume it’s coming soon. Prefix Mag has the song in question online […]

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    Long Term Evil, Short Term Good?

    by  • 12/13/2006 • life, politics • 0 Comments

    Have I been wrong about the android (Stephen Harper, PM of Canada) all this time, or is there some secret plan he can enact that will result only from having an elected senate, ethical restrictions on patronage and cutting sales tax? Oh shit. He’s campaigning for re-election already, and it is looking good. Once he’s […]

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    I’m Not Congress

    by  • 12/17/2005 • life, politics • 0 Comments

    Every so often I run into a statement on an online forum that bothers me; claiming that I’m stepping on someone’s first amendment rights to free speech. As a Canadian, it bothers me that some people believe that this right to free speech is something that we non-Americans are supposed to believe in. That’s not […]

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