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    Being Poor

    by  • 8/8/2009 • politics • 0 Comments

    I haven’t really been poor; oh, I’ve done rather badly at times, and have struggled greatly, and have gone without. I haven’t really been desperately poor if what John Scalzi and others have contributed to a scary list of what Being Poor can really mean in the Land Of The Free. As a kid, I […]

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    Fuck Ted Larsen

    by  • 4/18/2009 • politics • 5 Comments

    Today started out great; it’s not every day I get to harass a politician in person. Candidate for office Ted Larsen was walking the halls of our apartment building, sliding election propaganda under the doors of residents. There’s no election declared, but he’s out and about lying to people face to face for a change. […]

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    When you can’t do anything right…

    by  • 3/7/2009 • politics • 1 Comment

    Saw this story on the front page of technorati.com while I was looking for something else; apparently the conservative bloggers and professional reporters are up in arms over an event at a homeless shelter that Michelle Obama worked in this past week. The first lady visited a Washington, D.C., homeless shelter on Thursday, bringing fruit […]

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    Stop hitting yourself…

    by  • 12/29/2008 • politics • 1 Comment

    I really don’t understand the Israel Palestine issue. Israel bombs the crap out of Hamas for three days straight… Hamas fires a bunch of bombs back at the Israelis on the third day… … and the US Government denounces Hamas. I’m so confused.

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    Yearning to wed free

    by  • 11/5/2008 • politics • 0 Comments

    I’m sure that many people will recognize this inscription, and know where it may be found, and in which civil liberties loving nation it exists. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my […]

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    Dear Bush Republicans

    by  • 11/5/2008 • politics • 2 Comments

    I’ve seen the chatter on the Fox News boards, amid the disgusting levels of racism and judgment passed off as religion. There’s been talk of moving to Canada in the lead up to the election, and in the hours since the fate was decided against Jesus Himself. It’s almost like these people have forgotten the […]

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    American Presidential History

    by  • 11/4/2008 • politics • 0 Comments

    Well, Fox News has something right on their front page today; no mater who wins this election, it’ll be a first; either there will be a non-white president for the first time, or there will be both the oldest white man elected president along with the first ever female vice president. Either would be a […]

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    They just get crazier

    by  • 10/29/2008 • politics • 0 Comments

    Apparently the total for clothing that the RNC purchased for the future Ice Queen American vice-President Sarah Palin is up to $150,000 in illegally acquired goods and services. McCain says it’s alright though, because Sawah has paid 1/3 of the money back. Former democratic speech writer Wendy Buttons explains why she’s switched her vote to […]

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    Don’t vote for plaigarists

    by  • 10/14/2008 • politics • 1 Comment

    Why I couldn’t vote for the NDP candidate with my “At least they’re not a Harperoid” vote today; the NDP would appear to not support openness, the ability to read, or the ability to think for one’s self. Yes, over 200 of them did submit their answers to the I Believe in Open call. A […]

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    This is the John McCain his supporters see

    by  • 10/12/2008 • politics • 0 Comments

    Despite any of his failings, this is the John McCain that his supporters see; someone who is charming, and works well with the public. He handles a difficult question with grace, and I think that the comment at the end of his answer was simply a light-hearted jest, despite what others might have said. Though… […]

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