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    Museum of Jurassic Technology

    by  • 11/2/2006 • geek, insanity, life, photography • 0 Comments

    One of the best places we saw, for the sheer oddity and diversity of stuff that they had on exhibit. From a bank of microscopes with glass slides holding tiny pictures created from individual scales from butterfly wings to rotten dice and a room dedicated to Napolean that didn’t seem to make much sense to […]

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    To Live and Die…

    by  • 10/25/2006 • life, photography, Vancouver, work • 0 Comments

    Sitting in Los Angeles at the free hotel that is, thankfully, very rat-free so far. It’s very IKEA in its sense of style; lots of glossy orange in the bathroom, blue astroturf by the pool side, and prices aren’t too out of line with reality. Even the room service appears to be in the range […]

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    Photos With No Credit – Thanks, UBC!

    by  • 6/5/2006 • art, life, photography • 1 Comment

    I was tipped off that a local publication had taken stills from a video I shot and used them in their print publication. I picked up the latest issue of UBC radio station CITR’s tabloid; Discorder, and there were some very familiar looking shots all along the top of one of the pages. The video […]

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    Half Empty Halls

    by  • 5/19/2005 • geek, life, music, photography • 1 Comment

    I spent part of last weekend as a warm body at Nardwuar’s video shoot for Half Empty Halls. He asked me if I’d like to come down and be part of the shoot, and I figured what the heck? I could take some photos, and volunteer Tom to be a monkey in the shoot. I […]

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    Chewing Gum Alley North

    by  • 1/2/2005 • life, photography • 0 Comments

    Recently there were a lot of postings about Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo thanks to Boing Boing and a million other sites that linked to the piece over the last couple months. It’s really odd how something can be online, unchanged for months or years, and then be picked up by anyone and […]

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    Digital Camera in hand

    by  • 7/20/2004 • art, life, photography • 0 Comments

    Well, I had originally wanted to pick up a Sony DSC-P73 or a Kodak LS753 camera, but I bought neither. I’d researched exactly which camera to get based on my needs… fast shutter, good macro focus length, and a nice fast ISO equivalence. I tossed all that out the window when I got to the […]

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    Photography and Why Digital Cameras Suck

    by  • 12/9/2003 • geek, photography • 7 Comments

    I can’t believe anyone would ask the geeks at slashdot for advice on what camera he should use to learn how to take photos. Well, they’re geeks, so it’s as good a bet as any, I suppose. I’m actually more surprised that the answers don’t all start out with a variant of “well, you need […]

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