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    Desktop Image – No Quarter

    by  • 9/29/2008 • Halifax, photography • 0 Comments

    Well, the working theory is that the black flag flying over the Citadel in Halifax is either “No Quarter” or “Caution Plague” or, as someone else suggested “We have cookies!” Take your chances, but be prepared that if there are cookies, they couldn’t possibly be good enough to risk it… unless there are two types […]

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    Old Photos Found

    by  • 5/10/2008 • life, photography • 0 Comments

    I ordered a little bit of magic technology that would allow me to hook up a stack of old hard drives and go through them looking for anything interesting that might be on them. A lot of the posts I wrote here had linked to images that were saved on a server that I took […]

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    Hot Eats Cool Treats

    by  • 4/23/2008 • photography • 0 Comments

    I didn’t get a really good shot of it, but the “Hot Eats Cool Treats” sign outside of the Dairy Queen, back light by flames amused my sleep deprived mind early in the morning. More at Flickr including a morning-after shot from the balcony.

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    Click click click click camera

    by  • 3/19/2008 • art, photography, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    I’ve just come up with a number of arrangements of small 6x6cm photos taken from contact sheets I had printed a couple years ago. I’m really happy with the arrangements and I think they look great as sets; there’s more than one set that I’d consider getting another set of contact prints made so that […]

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    Posts from the past

    by  • 10/4/2007 • news, photography, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    I had a couple odd comments pop up on the last couple comments, including a phone number of someone in Vancouver and an email address for contacting them. It’s something to do with an accident that I didn’t witness, but that I did happen to snap a couple photos of with my crappy cell phone […]

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    Crows at Dawn

    by  • 3/26/2007 • art, photography, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    One of my last mornings in Vancouver this past fall, watching the crows swarm and get ready for a day of scaring people by diving for their heads. The sky was beautiful and the crows were in silhouette. The above item listed on etsy for $40 is 8×8 inches, mounted on black foamcore. I also […]

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    Neon Bar Star

    by  • 3/14/2007 • art, photography • 0 Comments

    Just east of Main Street on East Hastings in Vancouver, this has been routinely voted the poorest, the worst, most drug-addicted neighbourhood in North America. This is part of a worn neon sign above what used Ladies’ Entrance to a bar, and you can have a nice 8″ square print of this for your condo’s […]

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