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    Donald Trump Blogs from Trump U.

    by  • 8/10/2005 • meta---ging, news • 1 Comment

    It’s not as luxurious as I’d expect, and there’s hardly any 24K gold to be seen. This is not what I would expect to see from this modern day corporate royal named Donald Trump. It’s actually a rather boring looking web page; even Harvard’s Law Blogs look more interesting, and they’re Harvard; not exactly known […]

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    More Hitler Journals Found

    by  • 8/7/2005 • news • 0 Comments

    First the Adolf Hitler journals were “found”, and now Paula Hitler’s journals have been discovered. Paula Hitler’s journal, unearthed at an undisclosed location in Germany, reveals that her brother was a bully in his teens, and would beat her. […] Dr Ryback is the head of Germany’s Obersalzberg Institute of Contemporary History, which is dedicated […]

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