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    A Wild Pear In My Mailbox

    by  • 5/30/2009 • music • 0 Comments

    Colour me surprised to come home to a special package from the west coast today; the brand new, soon to be release 7″ split single from Nardwuar’s Evaporators and Andrew W.K. Andrew W.K. from the press release: “I’ve recorded my own cover versions of two classic Canadian punk tunes: The Leather Uppers Don’t Sell Hot […]

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    Downloading “Illegal” Music

    by  • 5/18/2009 • music • 1 Comment

    What follows is a slightly edited version of the instructions I found linked off last.fm. The original panix.com page includes information on how he deciphered the direct links to the MP3 files on the NPR site. These MP3 files will likely go away in relatively short order, and they’re definitely better sounding than the ones […]

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    SXSW 2009 MP3 Listening Party 3

    by  • 3/14/2009 • music • 0 Comments

    I’ve managed to make it through the entire torrent of 5GB of MP3 files – over 1000 individual files. I only had to fast forward a handful they were that horrible. Just as I finish off the last handful, another couple hundred songs are released, All in all, I think I have a couple hundred […]

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    Apple fails at UI again

    by  • 3/11/2009 • music • 0 Comments

    Apple has done wonders for human-friendly UI in the past, but with this latest ipod shuffle, they’ve made the cheapest part of the package, the one most likely to fail, about the most important part of the user interface. Well, that’s not entirely true; they’ve made it the only part of the user interface. To […]

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    SXSW 2009 MP3 Listening Party 2

    by  • 3/7/2009 • music • 1 Comment

    I’ve listened to another couple hundred tracks, and managed to pull another 15 loosely themed tracks for your listening pleasure. I started with The Pack A.D. and picked 14 artists that I hadn’t heard of to go with the one I had. The band by the name of Nancy here is not the punk band […]

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    SXSW 2009 MP3 Listening Party

    by  • 3/6/2009 • life, music • 2 Comments

    This year, more than any other, I have managed to take a much larger bite out of the SXSW sample MP3 files. I’ve filtered through a lot of bad tunes to put together a couple 15-song playlists for those with fewer masochistic tendencies. This first list has some quirky pop music and pretty upbeat songs […]

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    SXSW 2009 Torrent

    by  • 2/22/2009 • music • 4 Comments

    I’m about as close as I’ll ever manage to physically get to SXSW, it would seem, so I may as well load it all on the iPod and pretend thanks to the easy to use (UNOFFICIAL) SXSW 2009 Torrent In the event the above site is down, I’m including links to local torrent files at […]

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    My dentist doesn’t have t-shirts

    by  • 2/18/2009 • humor, music • 0 Comments

    From Tom Ellard’s (Severed Heads) recent blog entry, likely a more accurate survey has never been released on how people really view music. Using advanced brain scanning techniques to find out what people REALLY mean, Tom brings us the truth. Survey: Music Industry Perceptions 09 February 8th, 2009 This study was conducted by the Centre […]

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    24 albums, with limited commentary

    by  • 2/18/2009 • music • 0 Comments

    I’m not doing 25 albums, mostly out of some lame attempt to fool myself that I’m not participating in a meme. I accidentally read someone else’s list and started thinking about what albums I could think of that really affected me in fundamental ways. The trouble really came in narrowing it down to pieces that […]

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