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    AWT – Suck My Dick, Bitch

    by  • 1/29/2007 • life, live music, music, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    I setup a smart playlist on my iPod the other day to collect all the Vancouver and Victoria related music I have so that I can listen to a random selection of SNFU, Modernettes, DOA, and other Vancouver bands when the mood strikes me. I was listening to some crappy Fat Joe Satan recordings that […]

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    Rock ‘N Roll Bazaar

    by  • 11/13/2006 • art, life, live music, music, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Went down to The Plaza on Granville for the first time ever…. interesting space. It was the “First Annual Rock ‘N Roll Bazaar” featuring performances by bands Canned Hamm and Rock’n and a couple sideshow acts; Lola Del Cielo and M. Pyress Flame. I went partly to see what exactly the band Rock’n was, as […]

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    Industrial and Thrash

    by  • 10/22/2006 • life, live music, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Normally I’m not a fan of early shows that are put on for little more reason than to allow a club to have a DJ dance party for the Top 40 set. Kick all the live band fans out by 11, and make a second cover charge for the sober people who want to shake […]

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    Hot YouTube Action

    by  • 9/17/2006 • life, live music • 0 Comments

    Hellbent Cuntry with Mr. Chi Pig (ex SNFU) performing SNFU’s Cannibal Cafe Bob Log III goes rafting at Richard’s on Richards and sings about scotch. The scotch song involves semi-naked cavorting, so depending on the type of work you do, that one video may not be visually work safe. Mr. Plow (also of Hellbent Cuntry) […]

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    They’re on the Cobalt Ra-di-ooooo…

    by  • 6/12/2006 • life, live music, music • 0 Comments

    Okay, this is a world exclusive bootleg release of some down and dirty songs by a local musician’s newest side project. It’s not a good recording, and the songs are of questionable musical, lyrical, and possibly moral content. If you’re the sort that cares about any of that, then I’d suggest you just go pour […]

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    Back in Black

    by  • 5/16/2006 • live music • 0 Comments

    It’s official… The Cobalt is back; same people, same management, same “Fuck You” attitude. What an excellent day to come back; on National Listen To Slayer Day

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    Last Night’s Asbalt Action

    by  • 4/15/2006 • live music • 0 Comments

    With The Shitties and Married To Music and The Hanson Brothers all putting in appearances at the Astoria Hotel last night, things were made even better by a surprise appearance by Mr. Chi Pig (SNFU, slaveco) for a song.? It’s the first thing from last night that I copied off the camcorder this morning… It’s […]

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    Room for Jello

    by  • 4/8/2006 • insanity, life, live music • 1 Comment

    The Jello Biafra spoken word event was on last night at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre… easily four hours of anti-authority ranting from the former lead of the Dead Kennedys. A good show, if a bit long. Shot video for Nardwuar’s “short” 25 minute long interview with Jello. We went all hi-tech and shot with […]

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