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    So Fucking Rock

    by  • 6/3/2011 • live music • 0 Comments

    Saw Tim Minchin at the Winter Garden Theatre tonight, and it was even better than I expected. I’d picked a seat in the theatre in one of the boxes on the left of the main floor. I’ll never pick a seat in the middle of the floor again, especially when they’re the same price. No […]

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    Chancing across a Chi Pig

    by  • 9/18/2008 • live music, Toronto, travel • 0 Comments

    It’s nice being in a real city, even if it’s only for a couple days. There is traffic and construction and people moving around at nine in the morning. I wasn’t able to check in early, so wandered off to find breakfast and take some photos. The streets are alive. There is a vibrancy in […]

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    Toronto Trip

    by  • 9/9/2008 • live music, Toronto, travel • 0 Comments

    The Toronto gigs with SNFU get better, as Mr. Plow will be there in addition to 3tards and Left Spine Down. I thought Plow wasn’t showing up in Ontario until after the Toronto shows, but he popped up on Facebook to tell me otherwise yesterday. The shows are taking place at The Kathedral which reminds […]

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    Ozzy in Halifax; maybe he is still crazy

    by  • 11/28/2007 • live music • 0 Comments

    I’ve checked in on the Ozzy web page and sure enough, they will be playing in Halifax on January 26. Tickets go on sale on Saturday to the general public, but the Ozzy fans get first crack. I thought, “Hey, I’ll just sign up for that and get the pre-sale code for Ticketmaster (TicketsAtlantic, whatever)” […]

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    Halifax Pop Fizzle

    by  • 10/7/2007 • humor, live music • 0 Comments

    I opened up the program for Halifax Pop Explosion ’07, and I stopped dead. One of the local venues has a page add made up of show announcement posters; not unlike the Commodore Ballroom would have in Vancouver; listing a dozen upcoming shows. Three of the listed shows; KMFDM 3 Inches of Blood Nashville Pussy […]

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    Missed a great show

    by  • 7/23/2007 • live music, Vancouver • 2 Comments

    Still waiting for word on video from the Mr. Chi Pig’s SNFU pseudo-reunionish show from July 20, 2007 in Vancouver. There’s also a Flickr photoset of images I didn’t take, but that various locals provided for me to miss having been there even more.

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    Country Cannibal Cafe

    by  • 3/7/2007 • live music, Vancouver • 2 Comments

    I may have posted this tune already, but this is the latest rendition, and they’ve managed to get Mr. Chi Pig (SNFU) to slow down enough that the effect is much more complete. Very Broke Back Mountain now… Chi and Plow and their love that dare not speak its name… Hellbent Cuntry w/ Mr. Chi […]

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