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    Becoming what you despise

    by  • 1/21/2005 • meta---ging • 1 Comment

    pc4media points to a short entry where Steve Rubel makes an interesting observation that the Blogging Conglomerates are starting to become a bit of what they hate; Congrats to Jason Calacanis – our winner of the week. One of his blogs, autoblog, turned down the opportunity to run VW’s suicide bomber ad. Increasingly I believe […]

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    Jason Calacanis – Paid to Blog for Marqui?

    by  • 1/20/2005 • geek, humor, meta---ging • 3 Comments

    Earlier, I mentioned Jason’s post about the Marqui blogging program and how it relates to ethically fried chicken, or something along those lines. I posted a comment on his entry, and asked if, perhaps Jason might be blogging for Marqui; he does mention them frequently enough to be on the payroll. Jason didn’t authorize my […]

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    Nofollow is installed…

    by  • 1/20/2005 • geek, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    Not that I think the nofollow thing will do any good, but I did install the WP nofollow plugin just now and it tested out just fine; <a href=”http://www.foo.ca” title=”http://www.foo.ca” rel=”nofollow”>www.foo.ca…</a> At least the threaded comments seem to still be functional, and the trackback fixes seem to still be in place.

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    No trackbacks?

    by  • 1/17/2005 • geek, meta---ging • 2 Comments

    I’m having a recurring problem here that’s confusing me; my trackbacks are either being ignored or simply aren’t being generated. There’s no real logging of the trackbacks in WordPress that I’ve notice, and there’s no error report, etc, that would indicate that there’s a problem, but the trackbacks just don’t make it to the place […]

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    Where’s your LiveJournal now?

    by  • 1/15/2005 • angst, geek, meta---ging • 2 Comments

    I’m sure that there are the conspiracy theorists that will be posting to their LiveJournals soon about how SixApart bought the LiveJournal system just to shut it down. It would appear that they had a “massive power failure”; Temporarily Unavailable LiveJournal is currently down due to a massive power failure at our data center. We’ll […]

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    On Being Marqui’s Tool…

    by  • 1/12/2005 • geek, meta---ging • 1 Comment

    There’s a mention over on the Marqui Blog about how a competitor of theirs is calling Marqui and their bloggers “pond scum.” I, like other Marqui bloggers, went and checked out the story. I’m putting a lot of words into something that’s really a non-event… It would appear that David is just trying to be […]

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    How is a LiveJournal different from a Blog?

    by  • 1/7/2005 • angst, meta---ging • 2 Comments

    I read an entry on apophenia earlier today where the differences between LiveJournal and SixApart are analyzed and generalized… People who use LJ talk about their LJs, not their blogs. They mock bloggers who want to be pundits, journalists, experts. In essence, they mock the culture of bloggers that use Six Apart’s tools. Live Journal […]

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