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    What YOU can do about bl0g depression

    by  • 7/29/2005 • geek, humor, life, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    The Nonist presents a public service pamphlet to help out bl0ggers who are experiencing burnout and depression. This six page PDF is an amusing piece of work, in true nonist style. there is a growing epidemic in the cyberworld. a scourge which causes more suffering with each passing day. as bl0gging has exploded and, under […]

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    Only One Thousand?

    by  • 7/21/2005 • meta---ging • 1 Comment

    Shai Coggins has created a new target for many of you to shoot for. I’m a bit surprised that they were only able to come up with an initial half dozen sites that have made more than 1000 posts to their webl0gs. Where’s the 2000 badge? I don’t need it yet, but give me a […]

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    Client software for WordPress?

    by  • 3/15/2005 • geek, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    Let’s say that I have a half dozen different WordPress installations, on a number of different hosts, and that I want one central location to use to create new entries from. Now, I’m quite sure that I could write a simple, stand-alone PHP page to do this. Choose the site to post to from the […]

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    Bloglines has stopped paying attention…

    by  • 3/1/2005 • geek, meta---ging • 1 Comment

    I’m noticing that places that used my RSS feed back during WordPress 1.2 are now not pulling any data as of WordPress 1.5 and that’s very very odd…. They all seem to connect to http://foo.ca/wp/wp-rss2.php which loads just fine on its own in a browser, but for some reason doesn’t show up when Bloglines or […]

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    Marqui — Round Two

    by  • 2/18/2005 • geek, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    In a piece in Online Journalism Review, Stephen King (I’m sorry, Stephen, but I think of Salem’s Lot every time I see your name…) alludes to the fact that some of the current stable of b—gers will be kept around for the next round. This begs the question about who stays and who goes. Will […]

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    Bad words in this bl… website

    by  • 2/17/2005 • meta---ging • 0 Comments

    Okay, that’s it. No more mention of the word b— in this website. I’ve found that the Google Adsense ads along the side are loaded down with "B— for free" and "Dummies guide to B—ging" and other useless ads that don’t pay a cent. Those ads, when clicked on, tend to lead to business sites […]

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    Blogging Incredibility

    by  • 1/29/2005 • humor, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    I started to write a post about Marqui and how it differs from another, smaller scope CMS that I’ve been looking into, but I was distracted by a video blog that I had never seen before; oh! shiny! This is the beauty of the internet, and of blogs; it’s all out there forevere; all the […]

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    How many X does it take…

    by  • 1/27/2005 • humor, meta---ging • 1 Comment

    Found over on sebatical‘s LiveJournal; Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb. Its conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are a delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has […]

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    More credibility to the bloggers

    by  • 1/24/2005 • geek, life, meta---ging • 0 Comments

    This is one of the reasons the ‘blogosphere’ has no credibility, and it has nothing to do with accepting money for advertising or content posts. It has nothing to do with money, and nothing to do with honesty. It’s about fact checking. Earlier this month, major Bucharest daily Libertatea published a story saying two Romanians […]

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