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    New from Calvin Klein: Earthquake Obsession

    by  • 2/28/2001 • humor, life, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Okay, so there was an earthquake down in Seattle Washington today that was felt by any number of people here in the Lower Mainland. A couple of us from work noticed it in different ways, with different experiences to report. This happened at roughly 11:00 AM Wednesday. By 7:00pm you’d think that the quake had […]

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    Martha Stewart:Satan::Hank Williams Jr:Hank Williams Sr

    by  • 2/26/2001 • life • 0 Comments

    Maybe I have it backwards. Maybe we’ve had it wrong all this time, and Martha Stewart isn’t the spawn of Satan. What if it’s the other way around; that Satan is doing HER bidding? It’s possible. I mean it’s all reminiscent of the “Sushi” episode of Martha Stewart that I got lured into watching since […]

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