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    It wasn’t even a cartoon of Muhammad

    by  • 6/8/2008 • insanity • 0 Comments

    I missed another example of paranoid security this past week. An underpaid security guard was apparently drunk on power or vodka when he decided to open his mouth and remove all doubt about his capacity for rational thought… The incompetent guard’s equally incompetent supervisor was called in for a second opinion, and came to to […]

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    All kinds of crazy to pick from

    by  • 5/31/2008 • insanity • 0 Comments

    This one is from a man who wrote a book on ‘Industrial Ethernet’ so he must know something about things like God. He’s also a self-proclaimed Google Adwords expert, and he has a dozen little micro sites that appear to be linked to adwords campaigns. I get some amusing religious Google ads pop up on […]

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    They heard that there are viruses on the internet

    by  • 5/29/2008 • insanity • 0 Comments

    Discriminating? Against the crazy, perhaps, but not against the allergic. If they were to change their action to state that the city was discriminating against the mentally unstable, then they might have a case. They’re also discriminating against the blind by painting the building; the blind can’t appreciate the subtle colour contrasts of the trim. […]

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    Let the punishment fit the crime

    by  • 5/28/2008 • insanity, news • 0 Comments

    From the “punishment fits the crime” department, two men are facing two years in jail if convicted of “crimes against nature” in the form of sodomy. I’m waiting for the story about the guy charged with possession of marijuana being provided with a two-year supply and being forced to smoke it… “Raleigh police are charging […]

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    Noise and Experimental Music

    by  • 5/25/2008 • insanity, music • 3 Comments

    I’ve been using this post, saved away in my drafts folder for a while, investigating artists and labels. The starting point was a list of companies that distributed or released a some Merzbow recordings, and it kind of grew from there. I decided I’d clean it up a bit and share it. If anyone’s thinking […]

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    Religious Tracts Remixed

    by  • 5/18/2008 • humor, insanity, religion • 0 Comments

    Wow. I’ve stumbled on someone with something of a talent for remixing these little tracts. This is one of the two musical, or more precisely, lyrical mixes that I’ve seen. This one really gets what Jack Chick is all about. There’s also a group who have made a series of video versions of a selection […]

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    Alright, who shit in my inbox?

    by  • 5/2/2008 • insanity, intelligent design, science • 6 Comments

    I love posting public comments and then finding that someone’s taken a dump in my inbox not ten minutes later. It all started on the Wall at the Protest Ben Stein’s Expelled Facebook group where I’ve been discussing evolution and playing with small minds. With the private message he sent me being what appeared to […]

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    Crazy in the mail

    by  • 5/1/2008 • insanity, religion • 0 Comments

    I received a bit of mail yesterday that brightened my day in so many ways, and it’s end of the world prophecy in all its self-published glory. You better hurry if you want to get your own copy because it’s nearly over. The postal system’s oath says nothing about Apocalypse, rivers of blood, or seal […]

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    Love letters from IDiots

    by  • 4/19/2008 • intelligent design, science • 0 Comments

    I received this Facebook message from someone I don’t know named Trey D____ in response to my quiz for the movie Expelled I’ve reformatted it a bit to make it a bit more readable than the solid block of text it came in as; the Bible doesn’t mention linefeeds, it would seem. Iwas looking at […]

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