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    Alright, who shit in my inbox?

    by  • 5/2/2008 • insanity, intelligent design, science • 6 Comments

    I love posting public comments and then finding that someone’s taken a dump in my inbox not ten minutes later. It all started on the Wall at the Protest Ben Stein’s Expelled Facebook group where I’ve been discussing evolution and playing with small minds. With the private message he sent me being what appeared to […]

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    Love letters from IDiots

    by  • 4/19/2008 • intelligent design, science • 0 Comments

    I received this Facebook message from someone I don’t know named Trey D____ in response to my quiz for the movie Expelled I’ve reformatted it a bit to make it a bit more readable than the solid block of text it came in as; the Bible doesn’t mention linefeeds, it would seem. Iwas looking at […]

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    Tourettes is my super power, apparently

    by  • 11/24/2007 • insanity, intelligent design, religion, science • 1 Comment

    We watched the Intelligent Design on Trial documentary, streamed from Nova’s web site yesterday. There’s one old kook that makes Michael Behe seem sane and logical in comparison, especially considering that the man has no science background; the man’s a professor of law. Phillip Johnson is known as the father of intelligent design. The idea […]

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