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    Deal Site GroupOn Brings the WooWooOn

    by  • 8/7/2011 • insanity, skeptic • 2 Comments

    Today I see this bit of woo at Groupon … Original link Many of the things we rely on for energy end up ultimately depleting our vigour, such as drinking coffee or swallowing batteries. Endeavour a new energy renewal with today’s Groupon: for $15, you get a Harmony Balance-Band from Balance-Band.net (a $40 value). Harmony […]

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    Crappy Advice for 2010 from The National Post

    by  • 1/2/2010 • insanity • 0 Comments

    The National post has a series of section pages that are covered in printed post-it-notes offering tips on how to live the good life. While there are some interesting and amusing pieces, like “How to perform the Heimlich on a cat” and “Know how to pull off a con, most of them are silly or […]

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    Is Canadian Witchcraft Law Useful Against Naturopaths?

    by  • 12/11/2009 • insanity • 1 Comment

    The National Post has an interesting article today about a rarely used piece of Canadian law; Woman faces witchcraft charge in fraud case. , a 36 year old woman is facingin eight charges including the witchcraft charge. Police have invoked a rarely used witchcraft charge against a Toronto woman [Vishwantee Persaud] accused of defrauding a […]

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    BCA issues bogus press release maliciously

    by  • 10/15/2009 • insanity • 1 Comment

    Pulled the text out (thanks to PDFtextonline.com) of the BCA Statement from Oct 14 (PDF). Their statement is also archived on Doctor Atlantis’s site. Watch as the British Chiropractic speaks, apparently ironically, of supporting scientific debate! Amaze that they accuse Dr. Simon Singh of a malicious attack! Wonder how they can bend their spine in […]

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    How to get through the year without getting pneumonia

    by  • 8/27/2009 • insanity • 2 Comments

    What follows is the newest credulous piece writtern by Damian Rogers for Eye Weekly in Toronto, telling new university students how they can avoid getting sick with pneumonia this year; with homeopathy and accupuncture. Does Ms. Rogers not understand that pneumonia is a potentially dangerous infection if left untreated? Perhaps she thinks that smelling essential […]

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    Weird spam comment

    by  • 8/24/2009 • insanity • 0 Comments

    I had a comment on a post called Money money money that looks like crazy person spam. There’s no functioning link to a product, and the email address was bogus too. It’s classic Crazy Person, so I couldn’t just delete it, so it gets its very own post for you to enjoy while I go […]

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    Trina Thompson Tuesday

    by  • 8/4/2009 • insanity • 0 Comments

    On the actual hand-written filing, Trina Thompson describes why she believes that Monroe College owes her a living; I graduated with my Associate Degree in December 2006. I walked June 12 of 2007. Then I took a semester off. I went back to College for my Bachelor Degree in April 2008. I recently graduated with […]

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