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    Take that, Graham!

    by  • 6/26/2008 • humor • 0 Comments

    No surprise to anyone who knows me, but two of my favourite web sites lately are about people being jerks; passiveagressivenotes.com, where the above image is lifted from, and Not Always Right.

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    15 Minutes is Rarely Enough

    by  • 5/24/2008 • humor, music, video • 0 Comments

    Check out all those Net Celebs in the new Weezer video, Pork and Beans I’m a bit saddened that Tay Zonday is noticeably not providing vocals on the track. There are a number of ‘behind the scenes’ videos around the shoot, focusing on some of the ‘talent’ that was there for the day, including one […]

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    Nobody knows why, though

    by  • 5/23/2008 • humor • 0 Comments

    Mike Sacks has written for Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, The New Yorker, Time, McSweeney’s, Radar, MAD, New York Observer, Premiere, Believer, and Salon. He works on the editorial staff of Vanity Fair magazine. Mick Sacks has a collection of Photos of TV that just couldn’t be real… well, perhaps they shouldn’t be, but are. You […]

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    Religious Tracts Remixed

    by  • 5/18/2008 • humor, insanity, religion • 0 Comments

    Wow. I’ve stumbled on someone with something of a talent for remixing these little tracts. This is one of the two musical, or more precisely, lyrical mixes that I’ve seen. This one really gets what Jack Chick is all about. There’s also a group who have made a series of video versions of a selection […]

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    New Tracts

    by  • 5/17/2008 • humor, religion • 0 Comments

    I’ve really fallen off on adding new tracts to my Chick Tract Satire page. Technically, it’s a page of satire, parody, spoofs, knock-offs, homages, and not just satire, but “Chick Tract Satire, Parody, Spoof, Knock-off, and Homages” is a bit of a mouthful. Anyhow, we’re up to 14 in total, and I have a couple […]

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    Saint Norman Updates

    by  • 5/13/2008 • atheism, humor, religion • 0 Comments

    “Mike” at Hyphoid Logic updates on his experiments into prayer. Jehovah: 0 Ghost of Norman Fell: 3.732 According to AAA, the price of gas has hit its sixth consecutive record high. For something to happen once or twice might be coincidence, but for it to happen six times in a row is clearly the result […]

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    Where in The World is Osama Bin Laden?

    by  • 5/1/2008 • festival, film, humor, movies • 1 Comment

    With hit documentary Super Size Me, and three seasons of 30 Days behind him, Morgan Spurlock apparently had to think of something bigger to put his girlfriend through. What could be better than heading off to the Middle East, ostensibly looking for Osama Bin Laden? Enter Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden? Morgan […]

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