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    My dentist doesn’t have t-shirts

    by  • 2/18/2009 • humor, music • 0 Comments

    From Tom Ellard’s (Severed Heads) recent blog entry, likely a more accurate survey has never been released on how people really view music. Using advanced brain scanning techniques to find out what people REALLY mean, Tom brings us the truth. Survey: Music Industry Perceptions 09 February 8th, 2009 This study was conducted by the Centre […]

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    Tim Minchin sums it up well

    by  • 2/11/2009 • humor, science • 0 Comments

    I heard this little poem, Storm delivered by Tim Minchin a little while ago, and only after a small run-in with a homeopath today on facebook, did I remember to track this down. A Wandering Primate has transcribed it, and you can listen to the audio on Youtube; A small excerpt from aroudn the 5:30 […]

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    From the heart

    by  • 2/7/2009 • humor • 0 Comments

    Some less ‘normal’ items for Feb 14th, if you’re interested in a scientist, a doctor, or a skilled serial killer… Anatomically correct, bleeding, severed heart Paper Heart and Ribcage Anatomical heart card template

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    Christian Bale – American Psycho

    by  • 2/3/2009 • humor, movies • 0 Comments

    I present the original and the dance remix of Christian Bale threatening the director of photography on the set of the next film in the post-shark-jump Terminator world. There’s also a parody version with Christian taking on Craft Services when they run out of donuts.

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    Intentional placement or not?

    by  • 2/1/2009 • humor • 0 Comments

    Texas screws us again by claiming that the Zombie Warning was a hack, and that there are in fact no zombies. That’s just what the zombie hores want from us; complacency. The story of the Texas Zombie warning sign is good, but its placement on Fox News’ web site is aided by the image of […]

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    A rare accomplishment

    by  • 11/30/2008 • humor • 1 Comment

    Have you ever done something so unusual that you honestly believe that you might have been the one to discover something completely unknown? Perhaps you have discovered a new method of doing something that shaves hours off the way you used to do it? Maybe you have injured yourself in a way that caused all […]

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    The Onion on Obama Supporters

    by  • 11/9/2008 • humor, video • 0 Comments

    Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are I saw this linked from Dan Piraro’s blog (Artist behind the comic Bizarro). One of the comments left there was apparently someone who can’t see the humour in the situation. Seriously; if you’re ever in need of affirmation that some people go a […]

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    Wishful thinking…

    by  • 9/28/2008 • comics, humor • 0 Comments

    Thanks to the The Bad Astronomer for calling attention to this bit of Fark brilliance. I copied the image locally from the Photobucket location BA linked to. Feel free to hotlink; <img src=”http://foo.ca/wp/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/thestupiditburns.jpg” alt=”The Stupid – It BURNS!” >

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    Barrack Roll

    by  • 9/8/2008 • humor, video • 0 Comments

    Nicely done. I actually saw a version of this that was cut into a blue screen behind McCain’s head, with cuts to shocked looking republicans at the RNC, and John McCain looking embarrassed. This version is a side-by-side with the Rick Astley video, so be warned.

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