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    by  • 11/27/2003 • humor • 0 Comments

    Any of you who’ve been paying attention know that nico and I have a pair of room mates that are surprisingly different from us. Sometimes surprisingly so…. Diane is a yoga instructor and routinely gets newsletters and mailings from the yoga centres she works with. I retrieved the snail mail from the box this morning […]

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    More Luke Fictitious…

    by  • 11/5/2003 • humor • 6 Comments

    Are they trying to start a stupid meme? I just don’t understand… a bit of searching on google revealed a link to http://www.lukefictitious.com/ which is THE WORST web page I’ve seen in a while. That’s saying a lot… From SuFan@ILoveGiraffes.net Wed Nov 5 01:50:09 2003 Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 09:56:50 +0000 From: Wonderful Day […]

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    Man, I love the internet

    by  • 10/27/2003 • humor • 2 Comments

    I just recieved what may be the funniest comment on my journal. Basically someone that didn’t like my quoting a bunch of cursing. You can see the article itself in the archives. Basically it’s about a bunch of recordings that one person made of his very loud, very angry neighbours, and there’s a whole lot […]

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    Elmo Enslaved!

    by  • 10/20/2003 • humor • 0 Comments

    We’ve seen this Elmo Hokey Pokey creature enslaved in numerous shopping centres over the past couple weeks. Saw it at Walmart, tied into its box by a thick cord attached to its ankle. You’d make it hokey pokey, and it’d twitch like an incontinent Yorkshire Terrier and try to dance while tied down. We then […]

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    New from Calvin Klein: Earthquake Obsession

    by  • 2/28/2001 • humor, life, Vancouver • 0 Comments

    Okay, so there was an earthquake down in Seattle Washington today that was felt by any number of people here in the Lower Mainland. A couple of us from work noticed it in different ways, with different experiences to report. This happened at roughly 11:00 AM Wednesday. By 7:00pm you’d think that the quake had […]

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