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    Fark Headline of the Year 2009

    by  • 1/3/2010 • humor • 0 Comments

    Fark’s annual headline competition has some great candidates; Suicide bomber strikes Iraqi funeral. At least two dead Peephole in door of girl’s dorm room reversed; police are looking into it Baghdad’s National Museum reopens six years after looting. Featured displays include mostly a bunch of really heavy stuff Plane crashes in Florida panhandle, no pilot […]

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    Unbiased Readability Analysis of The Hovind Thesis

    by  • 12/10/2009 • humor • 1 Comment

    People who have tried reading the Kent Hovind thesis say that English as a Second Language students write better, or that it sounds like an eight year old could have done better (On my summer vacation, I earned a PhD!). I decided to get the stats. I found a page on addedbytes.com that does a […]

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    Creationist Poetry 101

    by  • 12/9/2009 • humor • 2 Comments

    I took a break from reading the Hovind Thesis, and was going to hold off on posting anything until I got the full thing edited into a nice text file to post. I’ve found the best part of the whole thing starting on page 82. It’s a poem. Yes, a poem that Kent composed to […]

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    I wish they had made sequels

    by  • 4/8/2009 • humor, movies • 0 Comments

    Man, wouldn’t that have been great if they’d made Matrix II and maybe even Matrix III? Those would have really kicked some serious ass. If we really believe it, we can shape reality. There were no sequels. There were no sequels. There were no sequels… Full sized, readable version at http://xkcd.com/566/

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    Twtr sks Flttr nnblgng ftw

    by  • 4/5/2009 • humor • 0 Comments

    What really terrifies me is that this little mocumentary plays like half of the corporate video pitches I saw pre-dotcom-bust… Slate Magazine produced a mocumentrary about Flutter a new nanoblogging system that shortens everything to 26 characters, the length of the English alphabet. — as found at Laughing Squid

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    Literature reference for the win

    by  • 3/16/2009 • humor • 0 Comments

    Full size version at xkcd.com The caption on the original: “The moment their arms spun freely in our air, they were doomed — for Man has earned his right to hold this planet against all comers, by virtue of occasionally producing someone totally batshit insane.”

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    Making New Friends, Destroying Memories

    by  • 3/8/2009 • humor • 0 Comments

    Early morning twitter conversation in which I destroy childhood icons for someone I’ve only just met. mercerch: So it’s 1am Saturday….. what to do. xinit0: kill an hour, and move all the clocks in your house ahead… mercerch: Thought the clocks did not change until 4am or something. xinit0: Like anyone will know… go on… […]

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    Burning my hand was bad enough

    by  • 3/4/2009 • health, humor • 0 Comments

    This isn’t my story, the following descriptive piece is from F*** My Life: Today, I was baking cookies. When I took the tray out of the oven I closed the door, but it bounced back open and hit me in the back of the knees. That caused me to sit down on the hot oven […]

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    THIS is stealth marketing

    by  • 2/19/2009 • humor, video • 1 Comment

    Will Crum & his band snuck their music equipment into an IKEA & performed a 3 song set in one of the kitchen sets, and as a result, I see a cool video and hear a couple songs that don’t suck. I might buy some of their music as a result. Watch for the audience […]

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