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    Blood and Lymph

    by  • 1/17/2008 • health • 0 Comments

    The blister on my pinkie was becoming a bit of a problem; getting in the way of that typing thing… It had to go. I couldn’t run the video camera and destroy the blister at the same time, so I wasn’t able to get video of the event for you. I know, you’re not supposed […]

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    Yar, I feel nothing

    by  • 1/13/2008 • health • 0 Comments

    When I was at the Emergency Room last night for the burnt hand, I had explained the cause a couple times; to a couple paramedics, to the trauma nurses, to intake, and then to a resident and finally to the supervising doctor. I had no idea that burns on the hand were that big of […]

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    Things I learned on the internet

    by  • 1/13/2008 • health • 1 Comment

    From about.com; Victims with burns to the following areas need emergency medical assistance (call 911): face hands feet genitalia That’s right; if you burn your genitalia, call 911. I’d have never thought of that. Okay, I checked google after our 6 hour trip to ER to have my burnt hand investigated; I was curious what […]

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