• Halifax

    by  • 12/9/2006 • Halifax, life • 0 Comments

    From a failed post-by-email Friday morning; It is currently 7 am in Halifax and the temperature is currently 6 degrees celcius. The sun is not yet even peeking over the horizon, and there is no snow left on the ground. We slept with the bedroom window open all night and hardly any cover, and all […]

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    There’s something wrong with Halifax

    by  • 11/25/2006 • Halifax, insanity, life • 0 Comments

    Well, maybe it’s not something that’s wrong with Halifax, but something that’s wrong with The West. I’ve been finding the people here to be nice, approachable, and kind to strangers. Strangers that they don’t have to be nice to; even going to the point of putting themselves out in order to accommodate said strangers. I […]

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    Scary and Encouraging All At Once

    by  • 11/20/2006 • geek, Halifax, life, work • 0 Comments

    As a UNIX systems administrator, my primary job is to do as little work as possible. My day is supposed to be filled with looking for ways to reduce my workload; anything I could conceivably do twice should be looked at as something that could have a script written to perform the work the second […]

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    Sunday Shopping

    by  • 11/19/2006 • Halifax, life • 0 Comments

    I know that sunday shopping is new here in Halifax, but I had no idea that it would be so slow to catch one; book shops, music stores, entire malls, and so much more were locked up tight as I wandered around downtown. Convenience stores were conveniently closed as were stores that I couldn’t fathom […]

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    Halifax Graffiti Flickr Group

    by  • 11/19/2006 • Halifax, life • 5 Comments

    Well, I couldn’t find a Halifax graffiti group on Flickr, though I can barely find much in the way of graffiti downtown either. Decided I may as well just create another regional graffiti group, so if anyone’s into that sort of specificity… http://www.flickr.com/groups/hfxgraffiti/

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    First show

    by  • 11/17/2006 • Halifax, life • 0 Comments

    I recently returned from my first official show in one of the five million bars here in town that offer live entertainment. It was a mentalist going by the stage name Mysterion or Mysterio … well there were dancing girls as well, but he was the big draw, being from Toronto. It was alright, but […]

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