• Halifax

    Plenty of time to decide…

    by  • 10/23/2007 • Halifax, travel, Vancouver • 1 Comment

    The plan involves driving back to Vancouver in about 18 months, and the working theory is buy a used band van and drive. That’s 18 months for Tania to learn to drive, 18 months for me to abuse the company’s training subsidy, and 18 months to decide which direction to go… Primarily that amount to […]

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    Summer of short film

    by  • 9/16/2007 • animation, festival, film, Halifax, movies • 0 Comments

    Well, I’ve always liked short films; partly due to the fact that the bad ones are just over faster. I’d argue that the 90-120 minute range should be more of an exception, with more films aiming to be in the 45 minute range. Think of the Hollywood blockbusters that could have been better dealt with […]

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    Tourettes or Halifaxese on the sidewalk?

    by  • 8/13/2007 • Halifax, life • 1 Comment

    I don’t typically confront beggars, but when Tania hears one of them say the word “whore” after we walk in the store… I tried to think of a word that, when said by a beggar could sound like “whore”, but couldn’t think of anything. So, when we were leaving the store, I thought I’d ask… […]

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    Cabs in Halifax Rarely Carry Passengers

    by  • 6/1/2007 • Halifax • 0 Comments

    I come from a city where taxis are a rare and beautiful thing; you will happily wait up to 2 hours for your promised cab to show up and you will smile when they do. If you don’t, they will drive on by and pick up another fare. Good luck if you think that you […]

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    J2EE / Java developers needed… In Halifax…

    by  • 5/15/2007 • Halifax, life, work • 0 Comments

    The project team will consist of over 50 people based in Halifax – nearly 30 J2EE/Java developers, 10 Project Managers and around 10 Business Analysts. The good part is that the referral bonuses aren’t as horrible as usual; $2000 instead of a couple hundred The bad part is that they’re trying to find these Java […]

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    Oddities of Halifax

    by  • 5/12/2007 • Halifax • 1 Comment

    There’s the obvious things that you notice if you spend just a little bit of time here; the obsession with “Timmy’s” coffee, the way that people will look right through you when you speak, and then carry on as if you hadn’t, the seeming lack of work ethic, and the desire some 20 year old […]

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    I’ll never work in this town again!

    by  • 5/3/2007 • angst, Halifax • 0 Comments

    Photo by dariuszka — CC Well, I sent an email to that extras casting firm as I mentioned, and I’ve been assured that I will never work in this town again. They’ve been here for 25 years, and the industry is still young and fragile … I’ve replied to mention this time that I have […]

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    Extras work is slave labour in Halifax

    by  • 5/2/2007 • angst, Halifax, insanity • 1 Comment

    Photo by VirtualErn — CC Ever try to feed three hundred starving extras who were told that a light lunch would be provided? Would your first idea be to simply order 30 large pizzas, for a total of 240 slices? Then leave them all, unguarded on a table with no supervision? The first dozen self […]

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    First Time Extra

    by  • 4/30/2007 • Halifax, humor • 0 Comments

    How do you turn one hundred bored extras into a full Montreal arena of excited fans? Human cloning via movie magic; also known as infinite patience and plenty of climbing up and down stairs. Tania and I have never had the time or chance to do background work in Vancouver, and when the opportunity presented […]

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